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Everything we know about "Jesus Is King", Kanye West's latest album

A quick recap and a hypothetical release date of Jesus is King

Everything we know about Jesus Is King, Kanye West's latest album A quick recap and a hypothetical release date of Jesus is King

It's been almost three weeks since Jesus Is King Day, the date chosen by Kanye West and then announced by his publicist, aka Kim Kardashian, for the release of the latest work by the Chicago born rapper and producer. While a few lucky fans were able to listen to the record and to purchase the new merch during the events organized by Ye in a series of US cities, the rest of his fanbase spent the following days refreshing Spotify hoping to see the cover of the new album appear in Kanye's discography. 
But now that the party is off and the beverages are now too warm, it's time to take stock of the situation and to ask ourselves the question Ye's fans have been wondering even too many times: will the record ever be released? In this case, the answer is maybe, filled with slight optimism due to the latest news that appeared online. 


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Let's start from something we know as a fact: the album exists and hundreds of people have listened to it, reacting even pretty well. Over the course of the events, Kanye has changed the setlist more than once, using the audience's reaction as a yardstick and to satisfy his well-known perfectionism, carrying on the tradition of records that are changed before and after their release. 

Another plus point on the future of Jesus Is King comes from the namesake documentary, directed by Nick Knight and in theaters from October 25 to 31 all over the world. In the last few hours has surfaced online the official website of the project, basically formalizing its release while adding a few details. Shot last summer in the Roden Crater designed by James Turrell (financed by Kanye himself), from the plot we find out that the documentary will offer an "unprecedented experience including some pieces rearranged in a gospel version along with new songs extracted by the next album Jesus Is King". 

Only a few, as according to the latest Stories published on Instagram, Kanye has returned to Wyoming to work again on the record. Along with him there were Cyhi the PrynceBu and producer Swizz Beatz, as seen in the videos published by the three artists on their social profiles. Videos with the sound off, of course. As it wasn't enough, during the latest Sunday Service at the Howard University, Kanye has pointed October 25th as the release date of the album, but adding that Jesus Is King will see the light only if Ye will be happy with the result. 

The idea is that after having worked again on the record, West will do as much as possible to publish it while the documentary is in theaters. If the intention is to release it on the opening day of JIK in theaters, it might be possible that the album will arrive on November 1, when the documentary will no longer be visible in cinemas. 

Finally, a note for those who'd like to watch Jesus Is King in Italy. While we're still waiting for official information, Uci Cinemas has informed nss magazine that Ye's project will reportedly not be available in their theaters.