Scialla Semper, the first album by Massimo Pericolo, is finally out. Only the first stage of the artist's musical career that pierced the tranquility of Italian rap with strong rhymes, which talk about jail, of hatred towards institutions, province, and friendship. The cruelty of Massimo Pericolo's bars in the last year has not left indifferent great Italian rap artists, such as Salmo, Guè, Nitro, Gemitaiz and Lovegang, but also one of the most famous producers in the world like Diplo.

The album, produced by Phra Crooker and Nic Sarno, is composed of 8 tracks, including two featuring with Ugo Borghetti and Generic Animal. At Fanpage, Massimo Pericolo said that

"Many songs that are on the record, that talk about certain subjects like the prison were written in the period in which I was in jail, especially at home care, because in prison you have that discouragement that does not allow you to find inspiration, while at home I found a moment more calm. For exemple I wrote Scialla Semper at home, without even a base. "


As explained by the singer through an Instagram post, "Scialla Semper" is the name that the Anti-drugs Police of Gallarate gave to the operation that led to the arrest of Pericolo in 2014. The official tour will start from Milan on May 24th, on the occasion of the Mi Ami Festival, while from Friday the 12th the instore tour will begin, for which 3 dates have been scheduled: Varese, Rome and Milan.