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Interview with Yendry Fiorentino

The singer to discover: from the Dominican Republic to an "Abyss"

Interview with Yendry Fiorentino The singer to discover: from the Dominican Republic to an Abyss

Wild hair and a voice that hides something, something that is felt beneath the skin, something that has "a story to tell" but that, without too many turns of words, tells it through melody, sounds, music.

Yendry Fiorentino is an artist to be discovered, born as a soloist, in 2014 she joined Davide Enphy Cuccu and the dj/producer Alain Diamond to found the trio electropop Materianera. Born in Dominican Republic, Yendry retains in her passion the roots that brought her to today, to Abyss, her new album released at the end of March.

Yendry Fiorentino tells her story to nss. Discover her with us!

#1 Hi Yendry, pleased to meet you. Let's start from the beginning: who are you and what should we know about you? 

I'm a Dominican girl, with a slight Piedmontese accent, since I've lived in Turin since I was 4 years old. I constantly miss the sea, I cry happy tears very often (especially during concerts), I can't really organize my time or habits. I'm in love with Frank Ocean, James Blake and SZA. 

I took part in the sixth edition of X Factor in 2012 and that's when I started thinking that music could become my job. Now I'm trying to grow personally and artistically and I have a band: Materianera. I don't think I have found my music dimension yet. The only dream is to play in the most places possible! 


#2 You are very attached to your native land, the Dominican Republic. Do these roots have an influence on your music and is Italy also responsible for your sound? 

I'm very close to my birth land. I went there two years ago to understand things about me that have nothing to do with Italianness. It was crazy. I felt at home! In Italy it's different: although I've made its language and culture mine, although I love this country, I can't feel Italian all the time. It's like living in a limbo, I'm neither one nor the other.

So I have two homes, two families, two cultures. 

I don't think that the Dominican Republic has musically influenced me though: my taste is very different from the bachata, salsa or reggaeton, but I'd like to find a way to put Spanish in the Italian music. In Spain there's this new electronic wave mixed with folk music, it's amazing. I adore Rosalìa and Nathy Peluso, who belong to this new music wave. 


#3 What's so special about Abyss in your opinion? In these times where music goes so fast, everyone can produce it, comment on it and also maybe criticize it, what's your take on all that? 

Abyss is our very fast record and it's so special for us. We put so much care and work in it, long days at the studio, tough decisions, doubts and satisfaction. 

We worked on it for two years, focusing on music that was good for us in the first place. 

It's true, we live in a time where everything comes and goes very fast and everyone has its own specific opinion on everything, especially in music. But I think it's always been like that, that's the manner that has changed with the social media. Making a record gives you the opportunity to leave your mark on earth. It's magical. It turns into music critique, business, trend, only if you, as a musician, let it happen. 


#4 Let's talk about style: what's yours? 

I don't have real habits and it reflects also in the way I dress, so I don't think I have a specific style. I become attached to shoes and clothes. My Dr Martens have been with me everyday for seven years, like the Levis jeans that belonged to my mum. I like vintage markets, the fact that I don't always find my size makes me customize and change the clothes I buy. I hate going shopping and having too many items in the closet, it's just confusing for me. Sometimes I would buy 10 white tess and 10 black tees and I would wear them for the rest of the year! 


#5 What's next for Yendry Fiorentino? 

A lot of work and music, and I hope a dip in the sea!