The mystery continues to envelop the already obscure figure of the Italian (or better Neapolitan) musical phenomenon known as Liberato.

From the historical hypnotic streets of the south Italy, the rapper seems to be reaching a new destination, this time internationally. It is not a coincidence that he will be one of the most anticipated guests of the famous electronic music festival Sonar which, since 1994, enchants Barcelona with impact and engaging performances (do you know names as Gorillaz and Chemical Brothers?).

The icon of the cultural rebirth of Naples would seem to have a plan, nobody knows which one, but certainly his greatest fans hope once again to have the opportunity to see his face and finally discover who is Liberato. But at this point the real question is: what will happen when his identity is revealed? There will still be all this resonance around him or, probably, is it just to make Liberato special and so curious? Are we really sure we want to lose the magic of Liberato's shadow?

The answer is yours. Meanwhile, the appointment is from 14 to 16 June at the Sonar of Barcelona!