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5 things to do in Paris this weekend

From 12 to 14 April

5 things to do in Paris this weekend From 12 to 14 April

In the blink of an eye, the week is drawing to a close, and here comes the weekend on the horizon. Meanwhile, spring has made its grand return to put an end to our winter woes. It's time to enjoy the unusually mild temperatures and longer days by venturing out of your cocoon. More than ever, the streets are buzzing with activities to suit every taste. Discover now what the city has in store for you this weekend.

Where to Eat: Explore a New Audiophile Spot in the Heart of Paris

Designed for both seasoned music lovers and enthusiasts of good sounds and good food, Listener seamlessly merges gastronomy with a top-notch audio experience. Open to the public since late 2023 and conceived by Thomas de Coninck and Jérôme Thomas, this multifunctional space serves as a restaurant, wine bar, nap salon, and audiophile listening room. With its predominantly vegetarian dishes, carefully selected natural wines, and dedicated music spaces, the venue promises a complete sensory escape. A bonus: on Sundays, visitors can discover new artists or albums in a listening room that can also be privatized for events.

10 Rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris

Must-See: Immerse Yourself in PZ Opassuksatit's Sensation Universe

Tonight in Paris, the culmination of events orchestrated by PZ Opassuksatit will take place at the PZWORLD PROPERTIES OPEN HOUSE at Oddity, now renamed Monsieur Agent for the occasion. In her latest work, PZWORLD PROPERTIES, the Thai artist based in Paris continues her exploration of the blurred boundaries between art, fashion, and daily life. This third edition follows the resounding success of her previous volumes, where she has already shone with her unique approach and quirky style. For this new project, she delves into the real estate universe, positioning herself as an expert in properties with a touch of irony and fantasy. In addition to presenting fictitious properties, she playfully and inventively addresses all facets of real estate, from investment to renovation, and even pest control. Every page of the book reflects PZ's creativity and avant-garde spirit, as well as her eclectic network of collaborators, including fashion designers, artists, and designers such as Doublet, Vaquera, and Gab Bois.

27 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris

Where to Have Fun: Join a Breakdance Festival at Centquatre

This weekend, Centquatre transforms into a true arena where rising stars of breakdance compete. This event is crucial for participants as it is the qualifying competition for the international final to be held in Brazil. Participants battle it out for their ticket to Rio, with the ultimate goal of qualifying for the grand world final. Under the auspices of Redbull, this festival includes qualifications, workshops, battles, and various activities, making this event a platform for learning and sharing for the breaking community.

5 Rue Curial, 75019 Paris

Where to Shop: Support Young Artistic Creation at 100% L’EXPO

This week, instead of filling your probably bursting wardrobes, we advise you to decorate your shelves with works by freshly graduated artists. Every spring, La Grande Halle de la Villette transforms into a dynamic stage dedicated to young artistic creation with 100% L’EXPO. Until April 23, 2024, around fifty artists recently graduated from six art schools gather in this 3,500 m² space. This sixth edition is neither a traditional contemporary art fair nor a thematic exhibition but rather a lively celebration of the diversity and vitality of the new French artistic wave. By collaborating with institutions such as the Beaux-Arts de Marseille – INSEAMM, and other prestigious schools, La Villette facilitates an essential transition between the academic world and the professional field of contemporary art.

211 Av. Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris

Where to Party: Head to Wonderland for a Festival-Like Day on the Outskirts of Paris

At the heart of summer frenzy lies Wonderland, the largest open-air club on the outskirts of Paris that blends the fairground universe with the atmosphere of a music festival. Nestled in Clichy, on an expansive playground of 5,000 m², Wonderland opens its doors from spring arrival until the end of summer, offering a tailor-made festive experience for festival regulars and adventurous families alike.

99 Rue du Général Roguet, 92110 Clichy