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Vero's talking hat

What is Vero? is the question to be answered

Vero's talking hat What is Vero? is the question to be answered

A lifestyle accessory like a simple hat has become the new creative manifesto of Vero, a brand launched in April 2022 that is a spokesperson for a disruptive vision of design that has made transparency and informality its founding values. A blue cap that questions what is true - on the front is a print that reads "What is vero?" designed with typography created by Studio Temp -that fits all sizes thanks to the adjustable cotton strap. 

Playing on issues particularly relevant to the contemporary cultural scene were being able to accurately draw the boundaries between reality and not is all a matter of perspective, Vero's talking hat is a solid aesthetic product that reflects its internal tensions. The existing collection consists of pieces by designers from all over the world: a617, Marco Campardo, Federica Elmo, CARA \DAVIDE, Fredrik Paulsen, and Natalia Criado were joined at Milan Design Week 2022 by Sam Stewart's brand new coffee table and vase along with ceramics by the duo Zaven, recreating a physical space that can give voice to Vero's products and community. The duo of creative directors composed of Simona Flacco and Riccardo Crenna and founder Pasquale Apollonio have a clear direction to take: to bridge the gap between mass distribution and niche design, transforming everyday environments into incredibly contemporary places.