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Interview to Guillermo Andrade for 424 event at Slam Jam

The designer from Los Angels tells about himself

Interview to Guillermo Andrade for 424 event at Slam Jam  The designer from Los Angels tells about himself

Last Friday the store Slam Jam Milano had the special guest Guillermo Andrade, LA designer and founder of 424. On the occasion, the store opened its doors to tell the story of Guillermo, young and talented creator, full of energy and keen on sharing his experience and artistic sensitivity with the public. The main inspiration of the collection present in store is art, and in particular Guillermo’s tale of when, as a child, he used to paint with his father.

We of nss, had the chance to meet him and ask some questions about his life and career.

How did your career start?

My career started because I was looking for something, something that didn’t existed yet, and therefore I wondered: why shouldn’t I try to create it?  I was really young when I realized what I wanted to do, I was 12 or so, and I liked playing football and fashion.

You just said you liked playing football, so what do you think about the union between football and fashion,  more and more present in streetstyle?

I love football,I have always loved it. I think that these two worlds are extremely close to each other, playing football requires style, especially if you are the captain.  And who, as a child, has never desired to be captain of his own team?

Tell us something about 424.

Most of the people don’t know that the reason why I called my store 424, is simply because of the address where it is placed. It doesn’t have a secret special meaning. It is a multi-band store in Los Angeles and before producing something with its own label, also called 424, we had to wait 5  long years.

How would you define your style?

I could only define it as my very own style, this is the only manner I would define it.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I like telling stories when I create something. I like talking about anything; I could even create something inspired by what you’re saying today. I think dialogue is an essential aspect for a creator, it is necessary to exchange information and experiences.  Every day could happen something that inspires me, even if most of the ideas come from my past: the relationship with my father has been really important to me, as much as all the memories connected with my childhood.

Why did you choose Slam Jam for your exhibit in Milan?

My collaboration with Slam Jam began time ago as they bought my firs collection, since then we became friends. I am truly glad we are working together, we esteem and support each other. I always prefer to work with a team I can consider a second family.