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Federico Schwartz

POLAROIDSNEAKSSNIPER Kicks Collectors #9 Federico Schwartz

I met Federico at Pitti in Florence last January, during a party at Slam Jam's showroom. He was wearing a pair of Kendrick Lamar x Reebok, so I asked him immediately if I could shoot them. That's more or less how our friendship was born. 



Name: Federico Schwartz

Age: 24

Profession: web influencer 

IG account: @federicoschwartz

City: Milan


#1 What’s the origin of your passion for sneakers and when was it born? 

When I was a child I entered a store in San Francisco and bought my first Jordans, since that day my passion has never ended. Today I have many sneakers but I like to think it is not a collection, I like to live them and wear them everyday

#2 What’s your favourite sneaker brand?

I don't have a favourite brand, it depends on the collections or the moment of my life the remind me. 

#3 What’s your dream sneaker? Imagine you can create the perfect collab.

I think a perfect collaboration comes when the sneaker culture meets contemporary art, and a brand decides to leave carte blanche to an artist in order to let him create something unique and rare. If I had to give a specific name it would be Anish Kapoor, for a brand which would leave him free to develop the project at his best. 

#4 What’s your favourite emergent sneaker brand?

I don't think among the emerging brands there's one up to the classic ones. 


Federico's sneakers: