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Is Chloë Sevigny selling her clothing archive?

While we wait, here's her 5 most iconic looks

Is Chloë Sevigny selling her clothing archive? While we wait, here's her 5 most iconic looks

Once again Instagram is confirmed as the celebs favourite medium to launch big news. This time it was It Girl Chloë Sevigny's turn, who caused a debate on the web because of a mysterious photo posted on the social network.

Yesterday, stylist Haley Wollens posted a picture of the American actress surrounded by the clothes of her amazing archive (including the pink headpiece with bunny ears from Gummo). The caption was short but intense: “SAVE YOUR LUNCH MONEY, KIDS. Something very major is happening soon in NYC”. In a short time the picture was shared all over the web and we all thought of a possible selling event of Chloë Sevigny's arvhive in New York.

In fact, the actress has always been famous for her very personal style, which inspired millions of fans all over the world. From Larry Clark's movie Kids to fashion campaigns for brands like Miu Miu, Chloë Sevigny has always had a great taste for fashion that made her a real fashion icon.

And what about her streetstyle looks? All of us have saved at least one Sevigny's street style look in the Inspiration file of our computer. Just because Chloë Sevigny has a glamorous aura, an innate gift which makes her turn every piece she wears into a trend.

Well, some of her clothes could now be yours.

Unfortunately yesterday, a couple of hours after the publication, the Instagram post was deleted. While we wait to know wether the event will be real or remain just a dream, we take a look at Chloë Sevigny's 5 most iconic looks:


#1 Miu Miu SS1996 Campaign

A very young Chloë Sevigny on a blue background portrayed by Juergen Teller, wearing a white shirt and rusty-coloured pants (and very 90s sandals), is probably the first image we think when we talk about the actress.


#2 Gummo

Platinum blonde hair, bleached eyebrows and tiger-printed body: this is Chloë Sevigny in Harmony Korine's Gummo (1997).


#3 '90s

Marcelo Krasilcic's photo is only one moment of the actress' style in the early Nineties. Denim jacket, short hair and crucifix charm which reminds us of the atmospheres of Larry Clark's Kids (1995).


#4 Supreme

She was casual but hard to forget in her denim hot pants and Supreme white t-shirt.


#5 The book

Chloë Sevigny's book was released one year ago and it shows the best of the actress' career and, above all, her top fashion moments (including private photos of when she was a kid). The book cover, shot by Wolfgang Tillmans, is already an iconic moment of Chloë's style.