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Serena Babette FW15 Collection

Serena Babette FW15 Collection

Pain has a value, a weight that is deposited in the soul from which many things can arise.

Loss, loneliness, emptiness can become creative energy, contaminating feelings, memories, objects, shapes, metals.

Thus it was born the line of sculptural jewelry Serena Babette.

Founded by the Genoese Serena Carrossino, for years working between artists and art galleries, the brand believes in the symbolic value of the jewel, an object that must convey a feeling.

Joy or pain does not matter, it is not a mere accessory of beauty, but the chance to wear an emotion.

Silver, diamonds and other precious stones affect messages, soothe wounds, as happened at the same designers with the sudden loss of their parents after a little time apart.

The collection of Serena Babette is heavily contaminated by life, with its ups and downs, and is made with the help of workshops of fine jewelry, combining craftsmanship, innovative technology and art.


Photo by Julien Boudet