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Iuter FW14 Hunter Series

Iuter Interview

Iuter FW14 Hunter Series  Iuter Interview

Hunter is one of the series most representative of IUTER FW14 collection. Not only for the variety of pieces from which it is made, but mainly because it embodies the central theme of the collection, 'Augmented Reality', a mental journey that revolves around the idea that reality is not as you see it, but as you are suggested by senses. An invitation to go beyond the first vision of things to try to look at it from another point of view, not to stop the perception to look deeper to see more. And indeed they are right, if you look carefully jackets, tees and other items from the collection, you will find a hunter camouflaged. On the occasion of the launch party this evening we had a chat with the guys ...

1. First things first, how did IUTER, what led you to create the brand?

IUTER born very spontaneously, in 2001-2, as a crew of snowboarders composed of a mix of people with a strong background in the underground scene in Milan (skateboarding, graffiti and music). Rather than create a brand, in the beginning, we wanted to make us recognize only with a name and a logo. From here the first T-shirts with the logo that has remained unchanged until today.

2. What made you decide to become a designer?

We are more or less all studies related to design, illustration and graphic, but if I had to respond promptly to your question I would say "the need to evolve the collection, since for the first time we have produced and sold virtually only T-shirts with the logo ".


3. What does the word Iuter?

Absolutely nothing.

4. What is the strength of your product and your brand?

The strength of the product is definitely the quality, our aim from the beginning has always been to do unbel product done well, and now we are looking for season after season to build our style, without trying to imitate or replicate the trend time. The influence and contamination is essential to renew, but we have always tried to do things our way.

5. What are the characteristics of your latest collection?

In every collection we try to develop a theme that gives meaning to the creation of graphics and patterns, and the selection of the palette of colors and materials. The theme of the last FW14 is "Augmented Reality", a mental journey that revolves around the idea that reality is not as you see it, but as you will be suggested by the senses. An invitation to go beyond the first vision of things to try to look at it from another point of view, not to stop the perception to look deeper to see more. Starting from this idea was developed a new series of patterns and graphic banner of optical illusions, textures sci-fi, topographical views, as well as "special effects" created through different combinations of materials, details and printing techniques.

6. If you had to choose a leader, from the beginning to now, which would you choose and why?

The varsity jacket, is our favorite item and we always revisited in each collection.


7. One of the inevitable in your products is the quality of the tissues and especially the word Made in Italy. Why have not done as many and moved production abroad?

From the beginning we have always produced in Italy and we have always been very attentive to the quality of the product. This thing we drove about three years ago, in a very difficult time for us and for the economy, to open our production site near Milan. We realized that this choice at this time was a driving force: we can quickly and easily work on products that are new and different, and product variety, the look and the quality did change the perception of the customers in our comparisons.

"Doing" clothes is a fantastic job, and behind there is much more than what many think .. we are working on a project / documentary to show what we do and how we do!

8. How did the collaboration Octopus VNGRD x x Iuter?

In 2012, celebrated the anniversary of our founding, having scheduled a series of collaborations the idea came spontaneously, working directly with the people who have created VNGRD, Paul Budva and Giorgio Di Salvo. (creative director Uppercut), we thought of a re-edit of the OCTOPUS to celebrate our tenth birthday.

Once you exit the press has been a huge success and a huge demand. But after the season of course was no longer present in the collection. So the requests were so many that the creators themselves together we decided to develop a new concept brand that had a life of its own: OCTOPUS.

9. Who would you like to collaborate in the future?

The most interesting collaborations are those that allow you to expand in something that is not your usual pitch. A funny thing would work together to create a shoe ..

10. Three words that define iuter

Originality, quality, fun.

All this to remind you that the collection Hunter and collaboration with Northwave will be presented tonight Friday, December 12th at the Milan IUTER Store with an aperitif, a DJ set and a special display of the store.


IUTER Hunter Holiday 2014 Launch Party

Friday, December 12, 2014

19:30 to 21:30

@ of Porta Ticinese 48




20123 - Milan