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FIRST Web Influencer

Because the first time you never forget

FIRST Web Influencer Because the first time you never forget

Fashion is the biggest expression of who we are, carrying us in each moment of our life... A mixture of precious ingre- dients. It’s an important Part of our lifes, a way to express hidden pieces of ourselfs.

For many, the first time has started slowly and silent, the same happened for the 4 web influencers we decide to know more about, girls aimed to share their love for this passion, a mixture of memories and emotions that come into one. It’s unforgettable the first time touching a fabric, a dream that still didn’t come true, the first time you decided to do something for the first time.

Are you ready to start realizing what will change your life? The project Firsts Vodafone is aimed to help ambitious people to do something for the first time, because the little things are the ones that make the world more interesting, more than ever, nowdays people do something for the first time using the mobile technology.

 Now it’s your turn. What is your First? For more information about the Vodafone Firsts program visit


1. Doing something for the first time is an exciting and unforgettable experience, do you remember your first outfit?

2.Never stop believing in your dreams is the key to success, Fashion is your passion, how did it start?

3.Do you have a dream that (still) didn’t come true?

4. When did you start to share your passion into the network? How did you manage to turn it into a job?

5. Which is the greatest satisfaction that you’ve have achieved since you started this adventure?



1 - That exciting and unforgettable feeling is still captured in this shot. This was the first time of Scott Schuman taking a picture of me, for his well known “ The Sartorialist”, during Milan fashion week, today already 5yrs ago. I can still Remember, I was waiting for my best friend in the heart of a small park in Milan, When he introduced himself to me, but I completely knew who he was, and his amazing job, and him, with a warm and kind attitude, in is strong American accent offered me the great chance to take a photo for his Street Style Blog.

2 - My passion for Fashion doesn’t have a date of birthday, well maybe, it’s exactly my Birthday.

This Passion has grown up with me. At the beginning I couldn’t understand it was a passion, “I Loved to be well dressed”, so I used to look around me, going around for some shopping and little markets, looking for something that would making me look good, that would introduce myself to the world. After a while, fashion became a part of me, of what I became.A few years ago I decided to attend a Fashion Accademy and now, fashion has become also my job.

3 - More than one.

4 - Everything has changed when 2 years ago I started my Collaboration with Everything came very naturally, a game of right energies, a new bigger family!

5 - My biggest satisfaction is, without any doubt, to have achieved everything with my own two hands, unexpected goal with a lot of hard work, always supported by the love of my family and the real passion for fashion.



1 - The first outfit you never forget. All started as a joke in a competition few years ago, where I wore a total look with jeans and wedges. I remember the location ... a laundromat.

2 - The passion for fashion start since I was a child. I’ve always loved creating clothes for my barbie, organizing small shows where my friends are improvised models where I enjoyed to creating fantastic clothes with the sheets of my grand- mother.

3 - I have two dreams that I hope to achieve as soon as possible: the first is create my own collection, the second become a fashion stylist for a magazine.

4 - I started to share my outfits in my own space 4 years ago, all it’s started as a game for two years but has also become a job.

5 - See my photos published on major fashion magazine is one of my greatest satisfactions, the ability to work with high-level brand makes me realize that I have reached important goals in my career.



1 - The first look worn to the first fashion week is an unforgettable experience, I was in London and was the 2011.

2 - In adolescence I felt the need to distinguish myself from my friends, so I started to create my looks, experience every day, studying fashion was the next step that allowed me to complete my journey.

3 - Live in New York is one of my dreams.

4 - In 2009 I felt the need to express the fashion from my point of view. The desire to share with others my point of view was growing day by day along with the commitment and perseverance that has allowed me to turn this passion into a job.

5 - To be able to attend the front row of many fashion shows is one of my greatest satisfactions.



1 - The first outfit on the blog would be unlikely as it looks today but it was a point of departure and the point when I began a journey that I never thought that would bring many benefits.

2 - I’ve never had a real passion for fashion. My curiosity in this direction is born thanks to photography, one of my hobby. Also I’ve always liked changes. Because fashion is this for me: a constant evolution. A fabric, a cutting and sewing can be more personal than you think. And this is the reason why I decided to pursue this career.

3 - I have so many dreams. Definitely intend to finish my studies and build my own empire. Dream up.

4 - Everything is born on platforms like Tumblr and Flickr, and has become an effective working thanks to my team who believed in me.

5 - Do what you love and wake up every day with a smile.