According to the Telegraph UK, all the stars that shall be present in the front row at fashion shows would not be there only for a simple gesture of glory , of course , many of them will certainly be very curious to discover the collections of the designer 's own heart and passion , this is not we doubt , but the question arises: when did a celebrity does something on his own initiative without receiving anything in return? Friends stylists do not be offended , so you know better than us that attendance fees are now everywhere.

As well as on television , even parades are paid cachet, dare I say disproportionate , following the classification of the survey carried out during the past Parisian Fashion Week:

Rihanna: 100K

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian: 65K

Rihanna Paid 100K For Sitting In Fashion Week's Front Row The price of fame | Image 0

Jessica Chastain: 80K

Chloe Sevigny: 65k

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