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The Blonde Salad - A new beginning

A new website

The Blonde Salad - A new beginning A new website

 The Blonde Salad and 
Chiara Ferragni, the most famous Italian fashion blogger in the world, has made the final leap. On April the 28th, was launched the new version of the site, a significant change. Not just talking about graphics and layout, but a real and personal growth .. a leap from teen to more adult version of Chiara. For more than four years we used to see daily updates, new collaborations and the most interesting news, a step by step journey that has reached unexpected targets. A project designed and developed through a synergistic team, the TBS crew. Success is never left to chance. The Blonde Salad scoops also in the U.S.,
Los Angeles has become a second home. Perhaps for this reason that the video presentation of the new era smells like California?

Let's check it!