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H&M sued Shein over copyright issues

Rags are flying

H&M sued Shein over copyright issues Rags are flying

In news that no one expected in the week, Swedish fast fashion giant H&M has taken Chinese e-commerce company Shein to court for alleged copyright infringement. The lawsuit, filed by the owners of Hong Kong-based H&M, targets Shein's parent company Zoetop Business Co. and Shein Group Ltd. The legal battle concerns the alleged similarities between Shein's designs and H&M's copyrighted and trademarked creations (no one has sued the Chinese fast fashion giant for its plagiarism to GCDS and countless other fashion brands) and it is not the only one Shein has been hit by since in America the government is using anti-mafia laws to thwart it and in France there have been increasing protests from activists against it. Which is somewhat amusing since, famously, the designs of all fast fashion are themselves copies of the items seen on the runway.

Why did H&M sued Shein?

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H&M confirmed the filing of a copyright infringement lawsuit against Shein, indicating that the latter allegedly copied multiple H&M designs. Although H&M chose not to provide extensive commentary due to the ongoing nature of the case, the company expressed its belief that Shein's products clearly resembled its own, implying possible plagiarism. The lawsuit also highlights the considerable volume of alleged unauthorized reproductions of H&M's copyrighted designs by Shein. The Chinese e-commerce giant is known for the astonishing pace at which it releases new styles, up to an impressive 6,000 per day, which has led H&M to express concerns about the extent of the alleged infringement.

Shein's answer

As the lawsuit continues to unfold, Shein has adhered to its corporate policy of not commenting on pending lawsuits. This is not the first time Shein has been accused of copyright infringement. On July 13, three independent artists from California filed separate lawsuits against the company. The artists claim that Shein produced, distributed and sold exact copies of their creative works, considering the alleged infringement to be "serious." The artists claim that Shein's actions constitute a conspiracy under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act of the United States. Despite the legal challenges, Shein continues to pursue ambitious expansion plans. Private and notorious for secrecy regarding its financial figures, the company is reportedly considering an initial public offering (IPO) in the United States. Although the exact figures remain unknown, rumors are circulating that Shein aims to reach an incredible $60 billion in sales by 2025.