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Shein allegedly organised a fake press trip to its factories

Now, the influencers it invited are receiving backlash online

Shein allegedly organised a fake press trip to its factories    Now, the influencers it invited are receiving backlash online

Last week, Chinese fast fashion company Shein invited a group of influencers to visit its factories, in a tour that for the TikTok audience could have been staged.

What happened

In the videos documenting the experience, the means and the people who produce Shein's garments are shown in images directly opposed to all the data and real-life events that have shown in recent years the unethical and environmentally harmful practices on which the entire brand is based. According to one of the influencers who was invited to take part in this press trip, Dani DMC, what we have always known about Shein is all «rumors,» a bold statement considering the number of established sources that have investigated the brand's practices in recent months, even reporting the stories - recounted in the first person - of those who work for them.

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The reasons for the controversy

After stating that she had informed herself thoroughly, asking a myriad of questions to Shein representatives during the welcome dinner that opened the press trip, Dani DMC went on to explain in a summary video on TikTok that she was «in works with Shein about how I can bring information from the brand to the consumer and how I can help them debunking a lot of these rumors. We've come together and signed a contract. They take care of their creators.» Assuring that she approached the brand with the intention of uncovering the truth - although paid by Shein, as she explains, «they have definitely not underpaid me and taken great care of me» - the American influencer then continued her speech, peppered with assertions that were totally lacking in evidence and data to affirm their veracity. «They have a very low carbon footprint compared to many fast fashion brands;» «They only produce what is necessary;» «They have ethically made fabrics.» Whether Shein actually created a fake factory for this press trip remains to be clarified; however, it is certain that it was an initiative created with the aim of rewriting the brand's reputation. Shein continues to be one of the world's best-loved fast fashion brands, so why to force a rebranding if their customers don't actually care? 

Shein's reply

We contacted the brand's spokesmen, who issued the following statement: «SHEIN is committed to transparency and this trip reflects one way in which we are listening to feedback, providing an opportunity to show a group of influencers how SHEIN works through a visit to our innovation center and enabling them to share their own insights with their followers. Their social media videos and commentary are authentic, and we respect and stand by each influencer’s perspective and voice on their experience. We look forward to continuing to provide more transparency around our on-demand business model and operations.»