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Bode returns to the runway at Paris Fashion Week

The "Emily in Paris" that everyone really wanted

Bode returns to the runway at Paris Fashion Week The Emily in Paris that everyone really wanted

There are few young designers today as adored, recognizable but elusive as Emily Bode. The brand that bears her name has become the dark horse of New York fashion, as expensive and unattainable as it is exquisite and instantly recognizable. In recent post-pandemic years, the brand had limited itself to showing its collections digitally, and its founder had focused on opening its new store in Los Angeles - disappearing from the (admittedly very crowded) scenes of European fashion weeks. The last proper fashion show the brand had held was in February 2020, in Paris, preceded by another in June 2019. Now, after a three-year hiatus, Bode has announced a return to the physical catwalks for the next edition of Paris Fashion Week-we don't know the dates yet, but we know they will be included between January 17 and 22.

Talking with WWD about her decision to return, the designer also revealed that the choice not to show for three years and instead focus on the West Coast market through the opening of the new store (her second) on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles has led the brand to grow tremendously. The brand's offices and staff have also expanded, moving from Chinatown to Brooklyn, although 40 percent of revenues still come from the one-of-a-kind pieces that Emily Bode and her team create virtually by hand, doing work somewhere between philological reconstruction and eclectic creative grafting. The designer also said that although at the moment the bulk of retail sales are still done in North America, the most important wholesalers she has are in Europe and Asia, and thus Paris Fashion Week is an important bridge connecting the designer with the market. Be that as it may, the January fashion show schedule has been enriched with a new hot ticket that no one will want to miss.