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Dior x Travis Scott collection has a release date

Between delays, rumors, and downtime

Dior x Travis Scott collection has a release date Between delays, rumors, and downtime

UPDATE 06.30.22: After rumors circulated last week, the Dior x Travis Scott collection will arrive in stores next July 13. The news is certainly not news since after being postponed following the Astroworld tragedy in which eight people had lost their lives, Dior's willingness to market the collection signed by Kim Jones and the American rapper four hands had emerged in recent months.

If Scott's career seems to have returned to its former glory, it will be curious to see what kind of reception he will receive from the public, but also how the LVMH brand will decide to publicize the collection and whether the rapper will be involved in the promotion.


Last year had ended, among other things, under the ill auspices of Astroworld, one of the concerts with the highest death and injury rate in modern history, which had dramatically (and, according to some, irreversibly) derailed Travis Scott's career. One of the many collateral consequences of Scott's "downfall" had been the cancellation of his collaboration with Dior, unveiled more or less a year ago in Paris amid much fanfare and seen by many as the acme of the collective fever that had for years surrounded the world of hip-hop singers, who had become increasingly deeply involved with fashion on a creative and managerial level. According to sources close to Highsnobiety, however, now that months later the big brand machine that Travis Scott has become is starting to show signs of life again, the collaborative collection with Dior could see the light of day again - according to sources cited by the magazine even later this year.

It is hard to know whether the news is well-founded or not. It would certainly be complicated to explain in a press release why after so many months the collection is only being released now - a daunting task even for the most acrobatic of copywriters in the brand's press office. The fact is, however, that the case would not be isolated: in late May the collaboration between Nike and Travis Scott resumed with a new release while some 20 days ago the rapper's beverage line, Cacti, became available again in America. Meanwhile, Scott has also returned to perform at both private parties and the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, and his ads have surfaced in the form of billboards around Coachella. In November, Scott is also expected to sing at the Primavera Sound Festival, marking his return to the stage after the "redemption" of the various humanitarian projects he presented in reparation to last November's tragedy. 

It is clear that, for Dior, the release of a collection that had surely already been produced would mean the return of a considerable economic loss - although it is highly likely that brand executives will have to untangle several knots. Nominally: the collaborative collection was based on the cultural hotness of an artist who, while he has retained many of his followers, has lost much of his momentum in recent months; the release of the collection could disrupt the cycle of seasonal collections already planned with the brand's other collections; and finally, the eventual release of the collaboration could expose to harsh criticism and controversy a brand whose performance has been nearly flawless thus far.