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The Sea Sheperd uniform according to Sease

Recycled plastic waste recovered from the sea becomes a new uniform

The Sea Sheperd uniform according to Sease Recycled plastic waste recovered from the sea becomes a new uniform

A sustainable lifestyle brand that combines elegance and performance, founded by Giacomo and Franco Loro Piana: Sease, the contemporary outerwear brand, was created with the aim of creating the ideal wardrobe for those who need to escape from the hectic pace of the city, finding relief in the fresh mountain air and the salt water of the sea. In fact, the brand takes its name from the union of the terms "sea" and "ease," a connection to salt water so strong that it is celebrated in the kit_001 project, a capsule of high-performance garments made from entirely recycled plastic waste for Sea Shepherd's Mediterranean fleet.

Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to stop the destruction of natural habitat and the slaughter of wildlife species in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect the ecosystem with the help of many volunteers and donors around the world. «When I met Captain Andrea Morelli I had an electrocution» Franco Loro Piana told us, «The first step for Sease was to establish itself as a sustainable brand, and the natural evolution of this process is to take sides, to act in the concrete. Nature is where the brand's products live and passions take place, supporting those who have dedicated their lives to protect it is more crucial than ever at this moment in history». After providing uniforms for the entire mediterranean fleet, Sease created a capsule collection, Sea Shepherd kit_001, for anyone committed to a more conscious future-a project aimed at inspiring people, promoting awareness about ocean conservation, and raising funds for Sea Shepherd's cause. The garments are made from waste collected from the ocean, the result of an upcycling collaboration with seaqual® and majocchi, the project's sustainable partners. The capsule collection, 100% Made in Italy, is designed with 3d technology in collaboration with futureclo, an innovative approach that enables fabric reduction and more efficient use of resources during the product development phase.

Through materials suitable for dynamic activities and eye-catching graphics that echo Sea Shepherd's own logo, the brand is especially targeting Gen Z: «There are many signs that present us with a change of mentality' from the younger generation, one example is definitely the Fridays for Future movement and another the increase of our fleet with a lot of new volunteers from all over the world» explained CaptainMorello. Sustainability and practicality in a capsule that aims to bring performance into everyday fashion, in the wake of the rediscovery of outwear that according to Franco Loro Piana «more than a trend, is proving to be a trajectory».

«Ecological systems are collapsing around the world, from coral reefs to rainforests, because humans are exploiting resources far beyond the capacity of ecosystems to create and renew natural resources. The decline of ecosystems is also leading to the collapse of human social structures. But I also see a possibility of salvation. And this can happen by listening to the words and observing the actions of indigenous peoples, looking our children in the eye, coming out of the illusion of anthropocentrism» explained Captain Andrea Morello.


Sea Shepherd KIT_001 will be presented during Milan Fashion Week on June 20.