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The new platform of RAL7000STUDIO

An e-shop and a development lab for brands

The new platform of RAL7000STUDIO An e-shop and a development lab for brands

RAL7000STUDIO, the esteemed design collective based in Italy, will launch its own e-commerce platform, RAL7000ITEMS. After years of designing and engineering projects for some titans of the fashion industry on an international scale, the team is finally ready to bring their products to the market. A next step in the firm's natural evolution to give everyone easy access to RAL or co-branded products on a global scale.  

Without any seasonal basis or scheduled timing, RAL7000ITEMS will release a range of exclusive items including footwear, clothing, accessories and any other type of product the collective would like to explore in the future. The platform will also be used as a showcase to present RAL7000STUDIO's collaborations with other brands globally. Each drop will be officially announced through social channels and the newsletter, available exclusively at In addition, the new platform will feature a new studio brunch called 'ENGINEERED BY RAL7000STUDIO', a development lab for brands wishing to launch new co-branded projects in the marketplace with RAL's experience, know-how, suppliers and network. The platform will launch the experimental and long-awaited MUTANT ZX project as a launch spin-off on 6 June. The final trainer, featuring a shell made entirely of XL EXTRALIGHT® technology in its special SUSTAINABLE+ formulation, will be limited to 50 pairs of friends and family in random colours to be given away to selected members of the Studio community.

Visit @ralitems7000 on 6 June 2022 for a chance to win an exclusive pair.