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5 jobs to do in fashion week, for starters

How to get backstage if you are a beginner

5 jobs to do in fashion week, for starters How to get backstage if you are a beginner

For the fashion industry, 2021 was a year of upheavals, questions and transformations that influenced the destinies of the capitals where fashion weeks take place every three months. Despite the Omicron variant raging and causing a series of cancellations and delays on the tight fashion week calendar, there is great hype for the return of Gucci, for the debut of 1017 Alyx, for the announced support program from the Italian Chamber of Fashion together with Valentino. We are close to the Milan Men's Fashion Week. This means that the time to find an occupation that allows you to participate in the first person is running out. The perfect opportunity for those who dream of working in the industry, take part in fashion shows, presentations and evenings and take their first experiences, observe what happens behind the scenes and begin to get an idea of ​​what you want to become "when you grow up". But if sometimes it is enough to attend a specialized school to get the access to applications through a preferential lane, sometimes you need to know what and where to look for in order to independently find an interesting engagement and experience the adventure in a complete way. Here's our guide to the applications to be sent in perspective of the next fashion weeks, for men and women, written on the basis of one hundred thousand true stories, so that you can write your own.


The role of the dresser is certainly the best known: it allows access to the backstage a few hours before the show in order to attend the final stage of preparation and, in the general Frenzy, the presentation of the collection behind the scenes. Once the dresser arrives on set, the dresser takes care of setting up a station for each talent. After make-up and hair, he/she is in charge of dressing one or two models for the show, often helping them to change in record time. In Milan there are several agencies to contact to propose oneself as dressmakers, from Zetafashion to Nextagency, but do not rule out the possibility of starting the search on social networks such as Linkedin or Fashion Jobs. Without giving up on sending an application to the best ready-to-wear brands, the advice for those who are at the first experience is to evaluate smaller companies, maybe independent.

Fashion Styling Assistant

The next step for a stylist is being an assistant, especially for those who aspire to a career in styling and creative direction. Doing this job means living the full experience, starting on average a week before the show, supporting the stylist in creating looks, casting, fitting and setting up backstage. On the day of the show, the styling assistants become the link with the dressers, leading the group and making sure each garment or accessory is worn in the correct way. Getting hired requires cultivating contacts in and out of town to intercept the first stylist looking in Milan,p ay attention also to Instagram.

Showroom Intern

What not everyone evaluates, during the various fashion months, is that Milan has a thriving network of showrooms, mono and multi-brand, where you can gain experience as an intern and take care of the visual part, as well as dress models for customers. The selection process, in this case, is more concise and schematic: after sending the cv, you simply have an interview and, generally, you just have to show passion, readiness and determination. The secret to get the most out of the working experience in places like Riccardo Grassi, Marcona 3, Aretè and 247, is to carefully observe buyers and sellers at work, actively participating in the sales campaign. Those who decide to apply for this position, which can be full time or part time, must take into consideration that sale campaign lasts about two months in total.

Photographer/ Videomaker

While the releases seen on the runway play a major role in the media, don't you think that sometimes the behind-the-scenes images reveal the real magic of a fashion show? Look at the photos of a photographer like Luca Stefanon if you don't believe me: companies, production agencies and press officers never shy away from having a video camera or an extra camera in the crowds of backstage and after parties. Usually, the company requires to be already in possession of the equipment, while leaving room for total creativity: the result is a true test of street style and improvisation, aimed at observing the fashion system from a privileged perspective. Having a portfolio could be a useful card to play in order to get the assignment to carry out this mission on behalf of the above mentioned agencies.

Personal stylist

Showing initiative is a must in this industry. For those who dream of a future in celebrity styling and want to experiment by playing with clothes, the advice is to start contacting young artists, actors and creators who you think might be invited to the fashion shows, but who do not have yet a style expert to follow them. Alternatively, you can contact the press offices of the various record companies, casting agencies and agencies specializing in influencer marketing. Once you have found the star, you must immediately contact the multi-brand press offices or small independent brands that can lend you clothes and accessories. And not before scouring every vintage market or archive in Milan from top to bottom. Those who are already quite familiar with personal styling can opt for this independent way to enrich their portfolio and get noticed on social networks.