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The true story of "House of Gucci"

Before the new film with Lady Gaga, rediscover the saga that shocked Italy

The true story of House of Gucci Before the new film with Lady Gaga, rediscover the saga that shocked Italy

The wait is almost over. After endless teasers, countless premieres around the world and a shocking number of previews and online posts, House of Gucci is about to be released in cinemas. The expectations for the new film are very high and even if the first criticisms have been quite divided, between those who shout at the masterpiece and those who speak of a campiness without borders, the tragedy that inflamed the Italian crime news and the fashion world in the mid-90s promises to be the film hit of the year. 

Waiting for the official release of the film, which will arrive in theaters on December 16th, nss magazine has reconstructed the entire bloody saga of the Gucci family by dividing it into three chapters that trace the rise of Maurizio Gucci to the top of the family business, the crisis of his marriage with Patrizia Reggiani, the planning of the murder, his execution at the hands of two hitmen in Milan and,  finally, the long process that led to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. Although the story did not have great international resonance at the time, in Italy it represented the final chapter of a media epic that went on over the course of almost fifteen years, full of double crosses, betrayals, revelations and twists, of which the last was the death of Maurizio Gucci.

The story of his assassination was perhaps the first to reveal in front of a global audience the secrets, crimes and baseness that were hidden behind the glittering façade of the fashion world and in the lives of its very rich protagonists. A tragedy that also marked the end of an era for fashion, in which brands stopped being traditional family businesses and became luxury multinationals, in which the large industrial conglomerates that dominate fashion today began to take shape and the very idea of luxury and fashion headed towards a change from which there would never be a return.

At the center of the whole story there is only one figure, Patrizia Reggiani, socialite of the Milan's upper crust, protagonist of the world jet-set, scandalous femme fatale and last icon of a fallen world that, after having dominated the roof of the world for years, lived her last days of glory in a cell of San Vittore, being released only many years later, in a world now different, which had forgotten her.