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Is a collaboration between Kanye West and Balenciaga on the way?

All the clues would suggest yes

Is a collaboration between Kanye West and Balenciaga on the way? All the clues would suggest yes

One of the most interesting and inspiring aspects of the rollout that surrounded the release of DONDA was certainly the involvement of Demna Gvasalia in the Release Party which saw Kanye West and his atonement process as the absolute protagonist. As already mentioned, the relationship between West and the creative director of Balenciaga dates back to 2015, when Demna was involved in the creative process that then led to the creation of Yeezy Season 1, and has reached today, with what seems to be the phase preceding a collaboration between Kanye West and Balenciaga.

Never as in the last period the rapper seems to have approached the Kering Group, a closeness represented not only by the presence of the happenings linked to the brands part of the group, from Bottega Veneta to Balenciaga itself, but above all by a sudden change of style by West . Kanye's outfits have always been a thermometer of his tastes and his strategies, very often able to anticipate news and announcements well before the official. It therefore does not seem to be a coincidence that hoodies and sweatpants have given way to Balenciaga jackets and pants, while the Yeezy Foam Runner have been replaced by a pair of Bottega Veneta boots and one by Balenciaga X-Pander. The same can be said for the merch, which put aside the collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market again saw the involvement of Demna Gvasalia ready to bring the aesthetics seen in his work with Balenciaga also in the tees and longsleeve sold during the two party in Atlanta. Just in Atlanta, last night, a handover took place between the Kanye of the past and that of the future, between that of the Sunday Service, of pastel colors and floral compositions and that of total black outfits, of face masks and the Balenciaga Spike Jacket in an aesthetic that seems to draw ever closer to the one chosen by Gvasalia for his course at Balenciaga.

A possible collaboration between Kanye and the French maison also fits into West's path in the world of fashion, which before moving on to sneakers has seen him approach the world of "fashion that matters" more than once. Not only the now infamous internship at Fendi, but also the whole process carried out with Yeezy Season in which, before moving towards a streetwear aesthetic, Kanye showed all his love for luxury. If in Yeezy's future there is the process for a democratic fashion undertaken with Gap, nothing prevents Kanye from also creating something different, giving a new vision to his now irrepressible inspiration.