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Vetements will unveil its new brand with a show in Paris

Scheduled tomorrow, July 22nd

Vetements will unveil its new brand with a show in Paris Scheduled tomorrow, July 22nd

UPDATE 21.07.2021: after rumours, leaks and private accounts, Vetements has finally given some more info on the secret project of the Gvasalia Family Foundation which should translate into the foundation of a new brand. Guram Gvasalia and the Gvasalia Foundation will officially present the new brand born from the mind and heart of Vetements on July 22, with a show from Paris entitled XXX. Vetements has also promised to give more info, images and a sneak peek on the - private - account of Vetements Secret Project

The show will take place on Thursday, July 22nd at 19.30 live from Paris. Stay tuned for all the updates. 


28.06.2021: After unveiling the new FW21-22 collection, Vetements is preparing to launch a "secret project" that could result in a new brand. According to the brand, the Gvasalia Family Foundation is said to be working on an experimental laboratory, described as a platform for young talents, designed to replace traditional conglomerate structures by redefining co-working spaces and collaboration experiences. 

The goal of the Gvasalia Family Foundation is therefore to be able to offer new opportunities to emerging talents of all ages, guiding them towards the creation of brands and projects. In addition to this, a new brand will be launched on July 22 described as "heavily inspired by traditional menswear and sartorial tailoring". The brand, deliberately without a logo, will still be recognizable thanks to its futuristic features that make it "a brand from the future, based on the past and the present".

We will still have to wait sometime before discovering the new creation by Guram Gvasalia, but all the clues indicate the arrival of a brand far from the subversive style of Vetements but capable at the same time of embodying it in its traditionality.