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''Streetwear is not anything special'': interview with Hiroshi Fujiwara

Fragment Design founder returns to collaborate with Moncler

''Streetwear is not anything special'': interview with Hiroshi Fujiwara Fragment Design founder returns to collaborate with Moncler

In the global fashion scene, there are personalities, creatives, and minds whose influence persists over time, thanks to their way of seeing and interpreting aesthetics and trends that cancels cultural differences and distances, carrying into the future obsessions of the past. From the 70s to today, through all his eclectic creations, Hiroshi Fujiwara has changed the rules and history of fashion, making streetwear a global phenomenon, bringing Japanese street culture all over the world, introducing a new way of intending physical retail, a long list of achievements, successes, and ideas that have helped shape fashion as we know it today. 

Fujiwara was the first to understand the huge potential inherent in a simple collaboration, such as the one that for three years has connected him to Moncler and the Moncler Genius project, the creative hub inaugurated in 2018 in which designers and creatives from all over the world are called to reinterpret the brand's DNA according to its vision. The 7 MONCLER FRGMT HIROSHI FUJIWARA 2021 collection combines functional design and enigmatic slogans with the technical experience of Moncler, giving shape to an apparently minimal object, which however hides small details. WORLD OF MONCLER, the slogan chosen for this season and protagonist on the back of the jackets designed by Fujiwara, represents the maximum encounter between the aesthetics of the Japanese designer and the language of Moncler.

Hiroshi Fujiwara talked about subcultures, collaborations and streetwear in this exclusive interview with nss magazine.

#1 Moncler Genius is a celebration of the art of collaboration: what does it mean to make a relevant collaboration in an increasingly saturated fashion ecosystem? 

Respecting the differences between brands is key to creating a successful collab. From here we can start exploring new worlds. 

#2 What are the references and inspirations behind this collection? 

I took a look at my past collections with Moncler at a starting point of this season and this collection is a wrap of masterpieces from the past 3 years' continuous collaborations that I have preferred and I added some improvement.

#3 Your taste - and streetwear in general - was shaped by the subcultures of the early 90s in Tokyo: why do you think there was such an explosion of creativity in that particular moment? 

The peak of Tokyo Street culture was in the early '70s, not the '90s. My taste was shaped in the early '70s with punk culture and I enjoyed creating new things in the '80s. In the '90s, new designers such as NIGO or UNDERCOVER came to the Tokyo fashion world and they represented 90's Tokyo fashion, not me. Till the '80s, street culture could stand ironically as one of the cultures that represent time but after the 90's it began to be destroyed and now it's lost and represented only as one of the trends, not culture. 

#4 You were one of the first designers to experiment with collaborations outside the fashion system. Do you think cross-sectoriality will guide the next collaborations for fashion brands?

I don't think so. In order to make a successful collaboration, a brand should have a strong identity, should be unique. Moncler is exactly like this. They already had a strong DNA and launched Moncler Genius, a hub of creators, to develop a strong DNA already established. They started it in 2018, the market was different back then. 

#5 With the rise of NFTs and the art world changing at a dramatic pace: what is your take on this? Do you think it will drive an evolution or not? 

NFT is interesting for me and I look forward to seeing what is the next technology or approach available in the art industry.

#6 The future of streetwear - as a culture rather than a definition - is one of the most discussed topics in the industry, what is your opinion about it?

For me, streetwear itself is not anything special, so I don't care how it changes in the future. Other than that, I look forward to seeing a new genre that will be born.

7 MONCLER FRGMT HIROSHI FUJIWARA will be available in Moncler boutiques, on, and in selected wholesalers worldwide from July 8, 2021.