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FILA explores the homecourt of four young Italian creatives

FILA explores the homecourt of four young Italian creatives
FILA explores the homecourt of four young Italian creatives

From Rome to Naples, passing through Florence and Milan

For its new collection FILA has decided to look to the past, paying homage to the long and glorious sporting tradition of the brand. From tennis courts to basketball courts, the SS21 collection stands as a meeting point for the styles and influences that for years have left their mark on generations of athletes on and off the court, making FILA synonymous with style but also with sportsmanship. To do this, the brand has decided to move the game to another field, being that of creativity, involving a group of creators to talk about the role played by FILA in their daily lives. Whether it's music or fashion, the new playground chosen by the names called into question, are amplified by the style of FILA expressed through a collection that updates prints and lines from the world of sports.

Out in their own city or at their personal spaces, the creativity of the four protagonists spreads to tell the new collection #myhomecourt. Discover the full collection here.


“Milan never ceases to inspire me. It manages to do it even in the most difficult moments, and it has also succeeded in the last year. Its thousand facets and its contradictions make it unique, reassuring and complicated at the same time. It is the city where I chose to live and I never doubted my choice."

“I was born in Florence and I'm happy to call it home. It's strange, but this city never bores me, it always manages to give me a mix of positive energies, good vibes and great inspirations."


“Rome is the perfect home for those who, like me, want to dream and can unwittingly imagine contours around the surface. My city is not just the Colosseum and Domes, it is the fountain that continues to cry a river for the finished stories and the cobblestone that has borne weights to see the beginning of as many stories."

"In Naples you are raised with the myth of Maradona, you start with nothing and you have to take everything."