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Foot Locker Europe's brand-new platform is a hymn to diversity

"Shoes Don’t Change the World. You Do."

Foot Locker Europe's brand-new platform is a hymn to diversity Shoes Don’t Change the World. You Do.

Over the last few weeks, following the death of George Floyd, a series of antiracist protests and demonstrations, but also fundraising and donations to those associations supporting the #blacklivesmatter movement, started from the United States. There are many fashion brands that have shown commitment and dedication supporting the cause through social networks, but also through donations or charity initiatives in support of black-owned businesses.

One of the first companies taking part in this worldwide call was Foot Locker with 200 million dollars spent on the development and education of the Black community. Always focused on inclusiveness, the retailer chain decided to launch the new "Shoes Don't Change the World. You Do." platform in Europe

The launch represents a key moment for Foot Locker in Europe. - explained Susie Kuhn, vice president and general manager for Foot Locker in Europe - This isn’t just another brand anthem for us, this is a bold and transparent commitment to enable long-term change. As Foot Locker, we are already in partnership with today’s youth and they will drive the change, but we will offer them the assets, access and resources to support their confidence to do it. Our launch film, featuring a host of inspirational creators, is our rallying cry. The world is calling out for change and we want to be a part of it by lending our platform to these voices. We’re committed to be their ally for achieving real progress.

The new project was born with the aim of inspiring and influencing change for the future and, to highlight this mission, is introduced with a video celebrating modern youth involved in transforming the world into a better place. The 5 protagonists are European talents who are changing their communities: for the UK there are the eccentric non-binary artist Ashton Attzs and the illustrator and model Jade Pearl who uses creativity to convey powerful messages to her audience; the Parisian photographer Marvin Bonheur; while coming from Italy are the Italian-Nigerian songwriter David Blank and Muriel Elisa De Gennaro who supports the LGBTQ+ community and promotes body positivity.