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In the backstage of NABA's Fashion Graduate Italia 2019

NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti presented the projects of its students

In the backstage of NABA's Fashion Graduate Italia 2019
NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti presented the projects of its students
In the backstage of NABA's Fashion Graduate Italia 2019 NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti presented the projects of its students

At BASE Milano the show of the students of NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, took place, as part of Fashion Graduate Italia 2019, the event that brings together the best of fashion schools in Italy.

12 students from the Three-year BA in Fashion Design and from the Two-year MA in Fashion and Textile Design presented 60 looks, fresh and free from the preconceptions of fashion weeks. Experimentation was undoubtedly the most intriguing aspect of the entire show, a symptom of creative minds that are not predefined yet but still receptive to those that are the inspirations and languages of contemporary fashion.
Simple cuts leave space for stratification and transparency, layering in volumes and deconstructed clothes. NABA's outfits also reflect the idea of ​​a fluid fashion in the way of understanding physicality: broad shoulders, make-up, and unstructured shapes are therefore inspired by works by contemporary artists such as ORLAN, while the men's suits worn by models are tributes to strong women of the cinema like Marlene Dietrich
The most interesting details are the prints and textures, in which the academic spirit of the school founded in 1980 and the strong link with the art world, intended as a starting point for training future designers, comes out. The projects also include the research on colors, illustrations, lettering and the revisitation of symbols of Pop culture, such as the Japanese manga Naruto.
Discover all the works of the 12 designers of NABA Fashion Graduate Italia 2019 through the photo by Andrea Zendali and Claudia Pace.

NABA is a path to refine skills and aesthetic taste. But fashion must continue to be an emotional path, inspired by books, films and animations.

I imagined the collection as a melting glacier, and by doing so it transforms to reveal a new side of the mountain. The metaphor also wants to be a message for environmental awareness.

Milan influences fashion a lot, so in my project, I wanted to get away from the city and the idea of ​​classic fashion. The studies at NABA are not the same for everyone, this leads to the exploration to everyone’s creativity limits.

Milan should focus on a greater artistic vision, as it happened in London. The first show is an emotion, a contact with professionalism and a dialogue with all the figures that contribute to the birth to a collection.

Fashion makes us reflect on the concept of identity and physicality, which in many cases is undefined or yet to be investigated. Fashion together with technology must give means to experiment and not necessarily convey an aesthetic.

I tried to mix the feminine soul and the the more sporty and aggressive souls of a woman, unveiling two sides that might seem contrasting, but that create perfect harmony, also in the clothes.

It was nice to try to imagine the importance of streetwear in the redefinition of beauty standards, started by women in movies like Marlene Dietrich continuing to the hip-hop world.

Milano Fashion Graduate is a project that I carried out to the last single detail, fashion, in my opinion, is still something that is mainly designed to be sold and the knowledge of craftsmanship is the basis of the idea.

I’ve studied in Florence too, but only in Milan I have understood what it means to learn from tradition, so I try to pay attention to manual skills, the choice of fabrics and colors.

I’m fascinated by knitwear and handcraft accessories, the revisitation of these two aspects can be a turning point for many streetwear brands.

Freedom from homologation means freedom in creation, and this is important because it allows you to focus on the details. Since the beginning of my journey, NABA has supported my freedom of expression.

I was inspired by the relationship between childhood and adulthood, which is manifested above all in the way we dress and in colors. I'm passionate about uniforms as well as rigorous and clean fashion, like the one of Jil Sander.