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All the details on the Swatch X BAPE raffle at SNEAKERNESS Milano

Your last chance to cop the coveted watch models of the limited edition collaboration

All the details on the Swatch X BAPE raffle at SNEAKERNESS Milano  Your last chance to cop the coveted watch models of the limited edition collaboration

The streetwear phenomenon has deeply changed the industry of fashion, rewriting its aesthetic codes, introducing a new taste and above all, revolutionizing the way products are conveyed and sold. Over the last few years, we've got used to terms like 'release', 'hype', 'drop', 'raffle', all means to spread an item based on exclusivity, on the idea of getting our hands on something only a few people own. Everything we want is in limited edition, the most sought-after items are the ones available only in small quantities, even better if numbered, and managing to actually buy them is a full-fledged victory. It is now part of our mindset and of our everyday life the idea that to get a specific product, for example, a pair of sneakers, we have to take part in a raffle, which offers the winner the possibility to purchase that coveted item.  

The way the audience reacted and welcomed the Swatch X BAPE collection belongs exactly to the aforementioned phenomenon. The collaboration was one of the most anticipated and coveted collections of the year: the legendary Swiss watch brand meets the Japanese streetwear giant in a collection of six different watch models that reflect the two brands' love for a globalized world. The watches are available in the versions Swiss EditionLondon EditionNYC EditionParis EditionTokyo Edition, and The World. At the moment of the release, the collection went sold out in just a few hours, leaving the fans and enthusiasts of the brand eager to get their hands on the pieces of the collaboration. 

For this reason, you can't miss the raffle organized by Swatch on the occasion of SNEAKERNESS Milano, next October 5 and 6 at the Fabbrica Orobia in Milan. Swatch will give life to a raffle to win the limited edition Swatch x BAPE watch models. 

SNEAKERNESS attendees will have the chance to buy one of the two boxes available containing all the 6 Swatch X Bape models, as well as 18 pieces from the City Edition collection. There are only 83 boxes in the world, while the City Edition watches, available in 5 different models, were produced only in 1993 pieces (except for the Swiss Edition, which was produced in 983 pieces). At SNEAKERNESS there will be two different raffles, one on Saturday, October 5 and one on Sunday, October 6, always at 5 pm. 

In the weeks prior to the event, all you have to do is going to a Swatch store, communicating to the sales assistant your data, and deciding on which of the two raffles to take part in, whether on Saturday or on Sunday. You'll also have the chance to register for the raffle during SNEAKERNESS at the Swatch stand. 

Each day 10 winners will be extracted: one will have the possibility to purchase the box, while the other nine will have the opportunity to buy the City Special watches. Who wins the raffle and finalizes the purchase will also receive a premium kit with a number of gadgets that every sneakerhead will love! 

You have time until October 4 to go to a Swatch store and register for the raffle.

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