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The summer must haves according to the retailers of Bologna

The most important fashion stores of the city told us the biggest trends for the warm season

The summer must haves according to the retailers of Bologna The most important fashion stores of the city told us the biggest trends for the warm season

When we talk about fashion or about the streetwear scene, the first city that pops in our minds is always Milan, the Italian capital of trends characterized by the presence of different style currents coming from all over Europe and beyond. Considered for years a symbol of international fashion, Milan, however, is not the only city that offers valid alternatives in terms of trends to discover and brands to get to know. In this scenario, in fact, there is another city that has progressively established itself in the Italian streetwear scene: Bologna.

This city does not propose a specific trend nor respect precise rules to follow. Fashion in Bologna is seen as a simple and creative means of expression that is experienced freely. The reality of Bologna is divided into multiple trend categories which are also dictated by the places attended by young people. In fact, this city offers a melting pot of styles distinguished by different personalities. The influence of Erasmus students is very strong, such as that from the Middle East students who prefer more elegant items, or American ones that have a very casual conception of fashion. Moreover, in the last few years the skate style has become more and more dominant, a reality that blends both the world of streetwear and high-performance. The streetwear scene, in particular, has become an important part of the style that distinguishes the city, especially young people who after the boom of brands like Supreme or Bape, have started to follow every drop assiduously. Even the phenomenon of reselling is becoming more predominant in the community, where we find stores such as Base12 that give the possibility of buying sought-after or limited edition items at a price higher than retail. What started as a simple trend current has now become a real passion that involves all the public of Bologna, that takes fashion almost as seriously as Milan trendsetters. 

We reached out to the store managers of the most influential stores in Bologna to ask them what are their must-haves for this summer. Here's what they told us. 


Federico Rosignoli of FR Boutique [Folli Follie - Ratti]

For the success of a good outfit, it is absolutely necessary to have a sneaker that enhances the combination of the clothes you wear. Personally, the shoes that I can recommend to your readers are the Nike x UNDERCOVER and the Balenciaga Track, which I consider both perfect for this summer. For us experts, the Japanese brand ŪNDERCOVER is a must, therefore these limited edition collaborations make the difference; moreover, the young generation is more interested in buying something more exclusive and that stands out. I must say that the Track started out quietly, but now it's coming back more predominant than ever, since it differentiates itself from the classic "top brand" shoe canon, such as the Valentino Bounce or the Versace Chain Reaction. As a brand, I would like to mention Rhude, a company based in Los Angeles that is currently becoming famous in Europe, and Palm Angels which, following the collaboration with Moncler, has become my favourite top brand. Last but not least, I propose to you my must-have: the Track Jacket by Givenchy or Palm Angels, a piece that I can't give up to even with the arrival of summer temperatures. 


Dario Manica of L’INDE LE PALAIS

Personally, during the summer I prefer the use of materials such as linen, cotton, chiffon or silk that distinguish easy-to-wear garments. Caftans and silk shirts are certainly a must, in particular, the variants proposed by Versace and Wandering. Moreover, it would not be summer without the use of the so-called "bold colours" which, thanks to their lively nuances, make every outfit bold. Although summer is a season during which the sneakers are put aside, I would like to indicate as a summer shoe the Balenciaga Triple S or the Versace Chain Reaction which, despite being part of the so-called trend of the Dad Shoes, encourage people to stand out from the crowd. Password: dare! 


Gianluca Barbieri of BACKDOOR BOTTEGA

In my opinion, the season's must-have items are definitely the short-sleeved shirts by Maharishi, a brand that combines the influence of Eastern culture with the spirit of streetwear. The collections have always included military clothing in natural fibre hemp, organic cotton, and recycled military clothing. The brand carries on a strong ethic of respect for nature; so I would say that the eco-friendly/summer trend combo works just fine. To complete the outfit, I would add Nike technical shorts, bucket hat and a beautiful Nike x UNDERCOVER that, thanks to its nylon upper, is the perfect shoe for the summer! 


John Henry Thomas of LA FERRAMENTA

If I think of summer, two brands immediately come to mind: Stüssy and Stone Island. The first is characterized by the proposal of tie and dye, a method of coloring that always offers different and unique results thanks to the binding of the fabric that prevents the penetration of the color in some areas, while the second one is characterized by the strong technicality of high-performance materials, also distinguished by manic attention to fabrics. My favourite summer item is certainly the classic bowling shirt, to which I would add a Dr Martens low or an SC Premiere Adidas, tie-dye shorts and Super sunglasses .. without these it wouldn't be summer.