Danilo Paura is the second guest in the series of video interviews under the project name: "Boldini Trendsetter". Conceived by the Ilturco cultural association and realized by some high school students from Ferrara. An educational event that completes the initiatives conceived around the "Boldini and fashion" exhibition running at Palazzo Diamanti until June 2nd.

After the first episode with Gabriele Casaccia of Slam Jam, it is the turn of Danilo Paura, exponent of a new generation of creatives and among those who best understands the importance of building a network and imagery of symbolism and new meanings around the collections. The Fashion designer has three personal brands (Paura, Danilo Paura, Mirror) and together with the students of the fashion and clothing course at the Istituto Ercole I d'Este explained how Giovanni Boldini's paintings perfectly describe what the fashion system continues to be also in 2019.

Like the painter who lived between the 19th and 20th century, the fashion described by Danilo Paura accepts dialogue with a wider audience, developing from public relations and designed to be a correlated image, in close relationship with the final consumer.

Fashion, especially streetwear, is confirmed to be a custom phenomenon, which for Paura is a recipe for artistic contamination, which led him to become one of the most appreciated creatives during the last Milan Fashion Week FW19.

In the coming weeks, 4 more interviews will follow, also carried out by the Einaudi Institute and Smiling International School. The Guests will be Matthew Williams, founder of 1017 ALYX 9SM; Walter D'Aprile of nss magazine and nss factory; the Alterazioni Video creative studio, which took care of the last Off-White Paris fashion show; Felisi marketing office.

"Boldini Trendsetter" is part of the educational project "The image in the mirror", organized by the Ferrara Arte Foundation with the support of Eni.