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Desigual presents "Colour is you"

The SS19 advertising campaign

Desigual presents Colour is you The SS19 advertising campaign

What is color? Shades of feelings, possibilities. It is love, imagination, freedom, fun, magic. Each of us has our own answer and this is the theme of the Desigual SS19 advertising campaign directed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch.

The Catalan brand returns to its roots, to the element that has characterized it since its birth in 1984. It returns to colour as a symbol of positivity, authenticity and makes it cry out to the world by a group of models with painted faces: blue lipstick, red eyelashes, sun-yellow eyeshadow, ... They are pop human canvases that reflect the joy and the rainbow's madness of clothes.

Desigual chooses to play with the element he knows best with a series of vibrant images and an appealing claim based on the syllogism: 

"Life is full of colors and color is full of life: you are color and #ColourIsYou".

A winning move.