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Fila's first ever fashion week show

Coming to Milan this September

Fila's first ever fashion week show Coming to Milan this September

Looking at the evolution of FILA, who has been a leading global brand within the segment of high-end sportswear, it's undeniable how its shaped the world of street fashion as well. For many young people during the 90s it was the first time they ever choose a piece of clothing for its brand, and with its iconic logo, it became the symbol of a youth movement for many, and an initial spark to light the flames of fashion interest. 

In an age now where we see the lines of high and street fashion become ever more blurry, there's mainly been focus on how high fashion brands have come down to street level, and far less how the streets are trying to take the step up, but this is what is so monumental about the events that are about to unfold. Fila has been driven since its origins by a philosophy of innovation and excellence, and for September 2018 it is preparing to enter a brand new era for the company. From its origins synonymous with performance and refinement, FILA is choosing again to exceed expectations and put its limits to the test with a bold and provocative event that will combine the legendary history of the brand with its exceptional vision of the future. FILA will cross its borders of the sportswear to take part in the high fashion arena of the Milan fashion week, not only with an unprecedented fashion show but also with an exhibition held at the Milan Triennale, setting a milestone in the 100-year history of the brand. The implications of this, and what it means for the relationship between streetwear and high fashion at Milan fashion week will be very interesting to see, as it could very well start opening up doors for others that want to follow Fila's path. 

"I am happy to lead FILA into a new chapter in its history. Change is an unavoidable element of the DNA of the brand. After several successful collaborations in fashion, we thought it was now a natural step to be present in the official calendar of the Milan fashion week, with a FILA show, accompanied by an exhibition largely dedicated to the rich heritage of the brand, providing a 360-degree storytelling"

Gene Yoon - FILA's Global Chairman.

We look forward with anticipation to see what they'll come up with for the occasion, be sure to mark your calendars to not miss this momentous occasion.