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DISINTEGRATION: a Preston Douglas' collection

Energy and Balance

DISINTEGRATION: a Preston Douglas' collection Energy and Balance

You are what you love, not what loves you.

This is how Preston Douglas presents his fifth collection, DISINTEGRATION, a journey to discover oneself through garments that, in colors, cuts and materials, witness the artistic vein that has always distinguished this designer.

Boldness, strength and an eccentric touch that guarantees hypnosis in who observes the collection and which, almost involuntarily, undergoes an hidden will to analyze and search for "what there's behind".

I see things so clearly in my mind, but in reality they are often not so. 

Because this is the reality of every day, we are constantly looking for certainties, we hope to find them in small things or big aspirations, searching that far and perhaps never knowable balance. So, in this almost clouded atmosphere, the runway of the DISINTEGRATION collection comes to life, the garments overlap each other, in search of harmony, there're layers not only of materials, but also of textures and colors, from the decisive electric blue to the mysterious green, accompanied by the classicism of gray and the inevitable black.

Discover with us the DISINTEGRATION collection by Preston Douglas.