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Raf Simons FW18 collection: to fight drugs inside and outside the catwalk

An evident complaint through the 'Youth In Motion' collection

Raf Simons FW18 collection: to fight drugs inside and outside the catwalk An evident complaint through the 'Youth In Motion' collection

What do you think when someone says the word "drug"?

Automatically the front crumbles and in mind starts a phantasmagoria of negative images connected to people, movies, documentaries, everyday scenes that we have seen or lived connected to this term because drugs are part of our world and we must not ignore them.

Raf Simons, one of the most followed and acclaimed designers of our time, takes the burden of tackling a similar issue during the last Raf Simons FW18 Fashion Show held yesterday in New York. Maybe inspired by the recent death of the young singer Lil Peep or perhaps simply convinced that he has come to the point of screaming and fighting in his own way what is a 'social problem'. Does it really matter? The brand has captured the attention precisely because it has put on the catwalk 'Youth In Motion' in a strong but curated way, with clear messages but transmitted through that channel that at best manages to exploit: clothing.

The clothes, in part, make you understand who you are, and we now understand who Raf Simons is: an artist who is not afraid to tell the truth. The items reflect what is the essence of the brand, proposing coats, suits, but also sleeveless sweatshirts and high boots. An FW18 collection blending trends, current events and one of the films that made history thanks to its hardness but above all sincerity: Christiane F. - We children from Bahnhof Zoo.
The faces of two characters, including the protagonist, are reproduced on tees, trousers, with the intent to make the message even clearer, even stronger, even going beyond the hoodie with the "DRUGS" prints or the knee-pads on the trousers " LSD "," XTC "," GHB "and" 2C-B ".

The catwalk abandons the now very popular minimalism, or the effect "too much for only 15 minutes of show", to opt for a screenplay made realistic by a still life. Empty or semi-empty bottles of wine, cured meats, Belgian waffles, flowers, line the scene, giving a worn and unkempt effect to the whole. The press release also announces that every food will then be donated to an organization that feeds needy New Yorkers in need. Likewise, sales revenue from the collection will be donated to support drug addicts during their recovery process.

What does Raf Simons 'Youth In Motion' FW18 collection means?
Everyone has to see something, everyone has to read something. There is a key to understanding, and it is strong and hard, but we must fight together.