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MHNR - Like a thunderbolt

Photography JFW75

MHNR - Like a thunderbolt
Photography JFW75
MHNR - Like a thunderbolt Photography JFW75

Shapes and colors merge into a unique and bold ensemble, strictly Made in Italy.

MHNR is the ambitious project of entrepreneur Nicola Smarra, who successfully seeks to focus on the importance of quality and materials without sacrificing the key pop and contemporary key that defines the MHNR style.

MHNR takes inspiration from American hip-hop culture, from its colors and its energy, for a series of silhouettes designed for those who want to break the monotony.

MHNR is hype culture in sneakers, like a thunderbolt breaking the monotony.



"I've always given a lot of importance to fashion, especially to sneakers.

They are the most important element of the wardrobe".



"The quality and concept behind our product are the things I care the  most of and that I want the public to perceive"



"MHNR is my dream, the dream of creating a product simple, researched in the details, capable of transmitting emotions " 


Local heroes Pierre Constant, Kimberly Anthony
Photographer JFW75


On the occasion of Black Friday, MHNR will launch a 30% promotion on all its models strarting from Friday, November 24 until Monday 27th.
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