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The best 2017 pop facts for Halloween costumes

From Donald Trump to Zombie Taylor Swift

The best 2017 pop facts for Halloween costumes From Donald Trump to Zombie Taylor Swift

The countdown has begun.

There is about a week until Halloween and, while you set the closet full of clothes in search of a tee to be reused for the

occasion, a horde of witches, sexy nurses, pirates and ghosts is preparing to crowd the streets hunting for “trick or treat”.

If this year you do not want to lapse into banality and be humiliated by your friends and their sensational costumes, why not take some ideas from the events that marked 2017?

Get inspired by the characters of the cult series of the moment, with fashion shows, trends, girls or social phenomena.

The choice is wide: from Donald Trump, who will surely be one of the masks that we will see more on the night of October 31, the women in red The Handmaid’s Tale, which, paradoxically enjoy popularity not only for the excellent Netflix TV series, but also to be a symbol of rebellion against the discriminating and misogynistic policy of the new US president.

It seems that this Halloween is in the hands of the girl power thanks to the return to Wonder Woman's film, to the Glow wrestler or the iconic Instagram image of pregnant Beyoncè that has “broken” the Internet.

Too conceptual for you? Well, then you can dress up as My Little Pony or Fidget Spinner, as It clown or as Taylor Swift zombie version like in LWYMMD video.

The proposals nss to win the award for the coolest Halloween costume.

#1 The Handmaid’s Tale

It took just one season to do of The Handmaid’s Tale a real phenomenon.

The protagonists of the Hulu series drawn from Margaret Atwood novel have crossed the boundaries of television to become

a powerful statement on the vulnerability of women’s rights, put, once again, questioned after Trump’s victory in the US presidential election.

The image of Offred and the other handmaids with long red tunics and the white bonnet designed to amplify the cages in which these women are mental, physically, emotionally closed, will be one of the most copied during the night of witches.

To summarize everything you need to replicate the Elisabeth Moss and Alexis Bledel style in this dystopian show is: a red tunic accompanied by a cloak of the same color, an Amish type white bonnet, a pair of laceless brown ankle boots, a mesh bag (like the one that “broke” Instagram in the summer just ended), no makeup.

Detail to perfect the overall effect? Having one or more friends dressed the same way, never looking anyone in the eye, speak very softly, fake a submissive attitude and, when no one is watching you, write anywhere or yell “Nolite bastardes carborundorum” aka “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”.

#2 Glow’s wrestler

The protagonists of Glow are losers, women adrift,

relegated to a corner, like those of The Handmaid’s Tale, but,

by contrast, thanks to wrestling, they have a chance to redeem power through a playful re-appropriation of their body.

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And, most importantly, they have sensational looks, a riot of body tight, big hair and heavy makeup, more than perfect for Halloween.

All you have to do is choose your favorite lady of wrestler.

If you want to copy Zoya the Destroya you need: an octane body, a belt with the logo of a flame, a pair of red boots and gloves of the same color, a bangs reminiscent of a hopper bird, pounds of makeup, dark lipstick and a very fake Russian accent.

To look like Liberty Bell, just dive in a golden rain with high white sneakers. Do you have a more animalistic mood? Then try the style of Sheila the She Wolf. You need: a black body on which to stick with hot glue strips of fur (the original costume worn by Gayle Rankin is obtained with pieces of carpet), fishnet stockings or blacks jeans, ankle boots and smokey eyes.

#3 Bey & the twin

The image that has “broken” the Internet in 2017?

Not Kim Kardashian’s boot, but the photo with which Beyoncé announced to the world her second pregnancy.

Wednesday, February 1 Bey posted on her Instagram profile a photograph, art directed by the multimedia artist Awol Erizku, who portrays her, belly in plain sight, in the Virgin of Guadalupe version squatting in front of a colorful flower wall. If you want to copy the look the first requirement you should have is one: a pregnancy or at least a very prominent belly. Then all you need is long curly hair, burgundy bra (the original by Journelle is called Triumph Beauty costs $ 66), light blue panties and a green veil.

Nothing big belly? Then fix two dolls and try to imitate the picture that Queen B. has made to present the twins Rumi and Sir to her fans.

#4 Rihanna at Met Gala

Rihanna is a star that always offers great fashion inspiration for Halloween.

Only during this year we remember Riri Gucci FW17 by Alessandro Michele total look at Coachella, velvet hoodie cloak for an episode of “Bates Motel”, in jewel micro bikini and colorful feathers at the Barbados Carnival Festival, in a sculptural Comme des Garçons FW16 at the Met Gala.
To replicate this piece designed by Rei Kawakubo that seems made up of colorful petals just requires a bit of handicraft work.

Our DIY advice is to cut many circles of tissue paper in different colors and stick them on a dress.

#5 Michelle Obama & Tiffany’s box

It’s the Inauguration day: the Obamas leave the White House, the Trumps take their place.

The world’s eyes are laid on Barak Obama and Donald Trump and, especially, on the two first ladies.
Everything goes well until Melania gives Michelle Tiffany’s box.
Followed by long moments of embarrassment in which the wife of the former president does not know where to put the unexpected gift, until Obama intervenes to save the situation and passes it to someone behind the door.

The whole scene hits the net and becomes the inspiration for dozens of memes.

#6 Kendall Jenner & Pepsi’s affair 

Kendall Jenner is used to having success, but perhaps she will remember 2017 as the year of her biggest flop.

Which? Pepsi spot. The clip begins with the model involved in a photo shoot who, at some point, sees the passage next to her of a protest march and decides to join them.

When the tension rises, Kendall finds a “clever” solution to prevent violent degeneration: offer a Pepsi to a police officer.

Too bad that a lot of protests and accusations have been filed against Kim Kardashian sister company for allegedly exploiting the protest marches (in recent months very popular in the United States) to withdraw the spot. To replicate the scene at Halloween is better to be a couple, one dressed as a policeman and one in total denim.

The basic accessory? Obviously Pepsi.

#7 Unicorns

Have you been kids between the 80s and 90s? Then you sure know the cartoons and the Hasbro toys about the little colorful unicorns.

In 2017, thanks to a new cartoon edition, an outgoing film release in October and a capsule collection dedicated to the sweet pony by Moschino, their popularity has risen to the stars.

If you have children maybe many of them will ask for My Little Pony’s costume for Halloween.

If, however, you are want to go back to your childhood the possible choices are two: wear the classic plush costume or opt for a more sexy version made of colored wig, mini dress with tulle skirt, wings, headband with unicorn or ears and covers shoes to simulate horse hooves.

#8 Pennywise

It is back. The classic horror movie based on the bestseller novel by Stephen King is here, just in time to populate your nightmares and suggest the perfect costume for Halloween. On the other hand, what’s scarier than a killer clown? Nothing.

To become Pennywise the elements are the usual: red wig, leggings, gloves and dress with ruches and pom-pom white or silver and a red balloon.

#9 Versace Top model reunion

During the Milan Fashion Week, Donatella Versace's SS18 Versace show homage to her brother Gianni and brings on the catwalk iconic supermodels who in the 90s contributed to the success of the fashion house.

Beautiful and statuesque now as then, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Carla Bruni and Helena Christensen have no reason to envy Hadid & co sisters.

If you too are a group of very good-looking friends, you can play at being supermodel overnight.

You only need stiletto heels and silver dresses.

#10 Zombie Taylor Swift

In 2017, Taylor Swift, once again, plays a leading role in the music world and released a new work called Reputation.

Look What You Made Me Do, the first song from the album has a video, made by the same singer with Joseph Kahn, full of ideas to copy for Halloween. Choose from: Taylor version Met Gala 2014, covered with diamonds in red surrounded by snakes, fetish, VMA 2009, in hoodie and baseball bat, biker, ...

Our favorite? Taylor zombie version.

Requires: blond hair, a long blue dress and sleeveless and, above all, great makeup skills (Don’t panic! There are many useful tutorials on the net).