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Jacopo Pozzati

Bologna, Italy


Sotf Founder, art dealer, brand architect

Bologna, Italy


How are you living the quarantine: fears and dreams?

Now better, before I was very worried, now I try to save the salvable and I have almost a routine that made me discover a part of me put aside by the hectic life that I did before. It is hallucinating that a ridiculous state like ours never protects two pillars of the Italian economy such as fashion (where at least 5 supply chains are affected, producers of the producer, producer, brand, seller and final retailer) and art and culture, other countries such as Germany, which has nothing of art and culture, has allocated 50 billion for this category, while we, who could only live up to our know-how in this sector, let everything in ruins. Here I am worried about this, who will come out without broken bones from this situation will get the first milestones in the third quarter of 2022 and early 2023, but at least 1 in 3 will remain jobless or absorbed by someone. Now I have closed shops (therefore half of the employees in layoffs) but the online works, slow consultancy and the whole project on my father for a year's stand-by Mi art Vip program. I focus my day on finishing the site on my father (, almost ready, studying the world stock market well in order to understand a new world and invest and various aspects that I did not know before about my job. I train almost every day trying to stay in good shape. Now I am afraid because if we continue to believe in this ridiculous state we will find ourselves with the Troika as in Greece, unfortunately, we do not have a leader like other countries, see Putin or Trump, where what they say is an order, whether you like them or not as ideas o characters (especially Trump), are figures who still have the country in their hands at a time where the figures of states have taken on power never had over the years.


What is your soundtrack?

Randomly, if I had to choose: Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, in his prime between the Jackson 5 and the early MJ, Lucio Battisti, DJ sets by Larry Levan or by Pasta Boys. 


Cover Photo by Jacopo Benassi