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Valentina Moreno

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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Amsterdam, The Netherlands


How are you living the quarantine? Fears and dreams?

I'm at home with my 9 yo son Nino & my dog Teo. Between work, homeschool, work-outs, cooking, drinks online with my team and/or friends & dancing we are actually having a pretty good time. We feel very privileged to have a home where we can be safe during these uncertain times. We stay creative & try to really channel our inspiration & creativity to #createathome. 

What is your soundtrack?

During this quarantine, I must say my friend’s Stephane Ashpool’s playlists are amazing. He made 2 so far, 1 for each week available on Apple music. Every day I also listen to my friend Ramndanet “RADIO NO PROBLEMO” live from his IG/ actually live from his car. He plays really good music, check it out!