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Becoming Marni

Venezia, 9 Maggio - 22 Novembre 2015

Becoming Marni Venezia, 9 Maggio - 22 Novembre 2015

From 9 May to 22 November, Marni Prisma, the series of events developed on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Marni, will peacefully spaces of the Abbey of San Gregorio in Venice with Becoming Marni.

Under the supervision of Carolina Castiglioni, creative director of special projects at Marni, and curated by Stefano Rabolli Pansera - architect and founder of the curatorial Beyond Entropy Ltd - Becoming Marni is a site-specific installation that consists of one hundred wood carvings realized by the self-taught Brazilian Veii, distributed in the cloister and in the premises of the Abbey of San Gregorio, usually closed to the public.

Veio, represented exclusively by Galerie Estação, lives and works in Nossa Senhora da Gloria, a small village in north-eastern Brazil, where he creates his sculptures enigmatic giving new life to pieces of wood, logs and branches located along the river identifying suffered some form animated in each piece.

Becoming with Marni, identity prismatic Marni is expressed through encounter and dialogue with a unique form of creativity. Although radically distant in geography and culture, Marni and Veii share approach and language. Both explore the power of transformation and seek the presence of pure form. The title Becoming Marni is the fruit of dialogue between opposing distant people and places, sharing the same aesthetic, it is now integrated in the mapping of all the future of the world, which is the theme of the 56th Biennial of Art in Venice: draws a world ideal, then a scenario that could belong to the future.