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The pink power

from Nicki Minaj to other female artists

The pink power from Nicki Minaj to other female artists

What we expected from Nicki Minaj when she released her "Pink Friday" maybe it was different from what then was really: the queen of Queens is not just airship ass and movements of lust, but is the real heroine of the rapper womanThey seek to outperform in a world flooded with purely men and their excesses in their video testosterones.

Pink is her weapon to conquer the rap scene, and to affirm her femininity, and many other women like her / artists / singers / models / itgirls are exploiting this color through a concept minimalist, chic and taste 90s, such as the Swedish photographer Arvida Byström, that the rose has made the constant of his shots, his artistic signature. 

"Symbol's ability to give and receive love, pink gives passion and vitality in love for others and for themselves. Its function is to increase intuition in women and help put men in conditions to better understand women. The main feature of the pink is to lighten the mind and dispel negative thoughts that you can hide. "

 Is it true? Mah! Meanwhile ... Stay pink! Stay girly!







pictures: Arvida Bystrom, Web