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Banksy and street art hack the Fidenza Village

Shopping and art in one place

Banksy and street art hack the Fidenza Village Shopping and art in one place

If the term "hacking" has become commonplace in fashion thanks to Gucci and Balenciaga, the one staged at Fidenza Village is certainly a unique example of its kind. With The Art Street, the Village is the protagonist of a creative hacking in which six street artists from all over the world have transformed Fidenza Village into an avant-garde cultural platform where fashion and art meet. The Art Street is an original tribute to street culture, on the occasion of the exhibition on the most enigmatic of all street artists "Banksy. Building castles in the sky", which has just opened in Parma and of which Fidenza Village is the main partner (two tickets for the exhibition are also included as a gift with your shopping).

Painting, airbrush or digital techniques: a riot of colour and life among murals, live performances and site-specific installations that revive the walls and structures of Fidenza Village and surprise visitors at every step. Among the talents on display at the Village are some of the big names in international street art such as Camille Walala, who has transformed the Village's entrance gate into the "Gate of Joy" with a giant "tribal-pop" mural, Peeta who has recreated his optical illusions on the two large towers on either side of the Village, the calligraphic art of Luca Barcellona who populated the walls of The Concierge space with hypnotic phrases on the theme of hospitality and "taking care", the street artist Rame13 who colours the walls as if they were tattoos or even young talents such as the irreverent Nick Ohlo and the ultra-pop Martina Filippella.

Art, but also shopping and street-style fashion thanks to the numerous stores in the Village. It is precisely fashion that has seen a radical change in the last two years, leading to an evolution in the way of understanding style and street style. "There are aspects of street style that remain evident and indeed are getting stronger: the desire to get out, travel and experience the city will also revive the 'street' as a stage," the organisers of The Art Street told us. "The desire to celebrate life will give us the courage to dare a little more, to be more original, not to be afraid" they concluded, offering us the perfect opportunity to renew our wardrobe. For the occasion, we have chosen the perfect items to create a street artist-proof outfit.