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Banksy just opened an online store

Gross Domestic Product sells "art, homewares, and disappointment"

Banksy just opened an online store  Gross Domestic Product sells art, homewares, and disappointment

Gross Domestic Product, the London store where you couldn't enter or buy any of the items on display, turns into a real online store. Banksy surprises his fans and opens a virtual space where he sells "art, homewares, and disappointment", available for amounts ranging from £10 to £850 (from about eleven to a thousand euros). The choice of prices "far below the real market value" is a way to discourage art dealers from buying writer's items. Among the products on offer by the artist there are custom t-shirts, a bag made with brick, wall clocks, lamps, toys, Tony the Tiger carpet, the stab vest worn by Stormzy at the Glastonbury festival and even a tombstone.

The mysterious writer, pointing out that the objects are all made in his studio and some are still in their making, told Hypebeast:

“This is not a proper shop – I mean it is an actual shop, it sells stuff and offers refunds and complies with data protection – but all the products are made in an art studio, not a factory. We use recycled materials wherever possible and there’s an ingrained culture of daytime drinking, so supply is limited and it might take a while getting to you. Shopping with us is likely to be a disappointing retail experience – especially if you’re successful in making a purchase.” 

People interested in buying Banksy's work will have until October 28. You have to answer the question "Does art matter?" to purchase an item (only one per IP address) "and then enter your data. The answers will be judged by comedian Adam Bloom. Then, in 7 days, the lucky ones will be randomly chosen and they will receive their object.

Fun fact: rumor has it Banksy is selling his works to secure his “Banksy” trademark following a legal battle last year with a greeting card company that attempted to seize legal custody of his moniker to sell branded merchandise.