In Amsterdam, at the Markt Kwartier (food market) of the city, after 30 years of oblivion, a huge mural of Keith Haring, the largest work of the New York artist present in Europe, reappeared.

The work dates back to the first European museum exhibition of Haring in Rotterdam in 1982, which, four years later, in the spring of 1986, was followed by a solo exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum. The mural, made in two days, was a gift, a grin to the Dutch city.

Unfortunately, some time later the mural was entirely covered with aluminum panels installed to regulate the temperature inside the building.

Street artist Aileen Middel, known as Mick la Rock launched the #SaveOurHaring campaign, and, after 4 years, managed to bring back the precious "secret".

If, however, you want to stay in Italy and discover one of the most significant contemporary artists of the twentieth century, from the 29th of June to 16th of September 2018 in Palermo, inside Villa Zito, you can visit works by Keith Haring from prestigious public collections and private.

A “hidden” #KeithHaring mural was just unveiled in Amsterdam! by @sashabogojev

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