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New Paris 2024 Olympic Games logo revealed

Three elements united to represent the "Olympic spirit"

New Paris 2024 Olympic Games logo revealed Three elements united to represent the Olympic spirit

Almost five years left from the beginning of the 33rd Olympic Games, which will start on 26 July 2024 in Paris. In the meantime, the logo of the event, designed by the Royalties Ecobrandings agency, was presented at Le Grand Rex.
For the first time, the logo will be the same for the Olympics and Paralympics games, by virtue of the 'no difference' message. As explained in the presentation video released during the ceremony, the symbol is mainly inspired by three elements. The first is the gold medal, the goal of every race and the pass that gives athletes a place in the history of the sport. The second component incorporated into the graphic is the Olympic flame, a symbol of competitions since ancient Greece, while the third is Marianne, an allegory of the French Republic represented by several artists in the history of art.
Nothing to do, therefore, for the logo leaked in recent months, depicting a stylized and colored Eiffel Tower.

The French capital has won the competition with Hamburg, Budapest, Rome and Los Angeles. Paris 2024 will follow the edition of Tokyo 2020 and the winter ones of Beijing 2022, anticipating those of Cortina 2026 and Los Angeles 2028. The event will not exclusively concern Paris, but also very distant cities like Marseille and Biarritz, which will be the venues for sailing and surfing competitions. That of 2024 is the sixth time that the Olympics will be held in France, after the summer games of Paris 1900 and 1924 and the winter games of Chamonix 1924, Grenoble 1968 and Albertville 1992.

Very interesting logos have been made for the Olympics throughout history, some of which have gone down in history and others less exciting.