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Aston Villa chose its new logo

It was decided by the fans via a poll

Aston Villa chose its new logo It was decided by the fans via a poll

UPDATE 11.11.22: After holding a poll in June to vote for the club's new visual identity, Aston Villa released the results last night. With 71% of the preferences, fans chose the second version, the round one with the year the club was founded, which pays homage to the 1982 European Cup triumph. According to data released by the club, 21,500 fans took part, a huge number that underlines the importance of this old and historic English club. Now the fans will have to wait until next season to see the logo on their shirts, the year in which the club's 150th anniversary celebrations will begin. An obviously historic date that the club has decided to celebrate in its own way, putting its inseparable fans at the centre of it all as always.

The logo is the first point of contact that every customer or fan has with the brand, it is what makes us 'friends' in a certain sense and entices us to support the company on duty. In today's football, in fact, updating one's visual identity has become fundamental; the logo is one of the clubs' most important and expendable assets. This is also demonstrated by the various rebrandings in recent years, from Paris Saint Germain to the latest one of Venezia. The latest in order of time to want to update their logo now is Aston Villa, who will let their fans decide the crest that will be used from the next season 2023-24, the year in which the club's 150th anniversary falls. Fans will be able to choose between two different logos, the first features a round design with the club's classic lion and the year it was founded. The second option instead features the same elements, except '1874', but chooses a different shape, which the team coached by Unai Emery has nicknamed 'lamp'.

"By allowing you to vote now for our next logo, and completing this process in the autumn of 2022, we will be able to face the 2023/24 season with a crest that we are all proud of and that reflects our shared ambitions for the future of our club."

Voting will only take place via the official website, will be open until 5.30pm on 9 November 2022 and can only be done by season ticket holders and Aston Villa members. And after many clubs launched a contest for their jerseys last season, several clubs are again involving their fan base in the choice of the new logo this year. The first club was Borussia Dortmund, who selected the nine finalist kits last season, a club that is always extremely focused on its relationship with its supporters and its aesthetic identity. From the shirts to the logo, a very similar initiative was also carried out by Saint-Étienne, which debuted this season with a new logo chosen by the fans. Now it is the turn of the team based in the Aston district of the city of Birmingham that will change the logo last updated in 2016, completing its revolution first sporting and now visual.