Like every year at the end of the season, it's time to award the best players, the most spectacular teams, the most capable managers and the most beautiful goals. We have already exalted ourselves with the videos of the best goals of the Serie A season, but we have done even more with the compilation found on Reddit of the worst goals of the 2018/2019 season. The half tragic and half comic result is a mixture of non-sense, mad carambs, coordination difficulties and in many cases too much confidence in their own goalkeepers in the retro passes, which led to memorable own goals like that of Ajax's Onana during the Champions League qualifying round. The mistakes, however, can happen to everyone, even to a good goalie as Everton's Pickford; in other cases instead, the goalkeepers' ability is not enough to avoid a mess by the same team's defender, as happened with Cragno and Ceppitelli during AC Milan-Cagliari but also with Lloris and Trippier in Chelsea-Tottenham. Among the most absurd things there is undoubtedly the goal of Kral, the Slavia Prague midfielder who had not even realized he scored during the match against Sevilla, during the last Europa League edition. But let's not anticipate anything more, enjoy the video!