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Sunday Escape - Iris Apfel's Home

Discover fashion icon's home in New York

Sunday Escape - Iris Apfel's Home  Discover fashion icon's home in New York


Iris Apfel is one of the greatest icons of contemporary style.

She’s over 90 years, she was born in 1921, and she’s so popular in fashion system. In fact, years by years, she collaborated with blogs, magazines, and brands.

Her ironic and crackling personality is a reflection of a relentless curiosity, she has since she was born.

The same curiosity that allows her to look for the best piece, no matter if it is a fabric or a dog-shaped statue. She searches everywhere, from the flea market, to vintage shop, because everywhere could be a hidden treasure that deserves to be found and loved.

She has also a giant collection of accessories, in particular: bracelets and necklaces that she always wears, and a lot of rare pieces in her home.

Like her clothing, that doesn't follow the maxim "less is more”, the style of her apartment embraces a bold, redundant, eccentric, in a style that mixes simple and precious elements, prints, colors, forms, all harmoniously dystonic, united only by Iris taste.

Her refuge in the Big Apple is real the land of toys. In each room, there is a secret, an unexpected object that surprises and delights. She could do it with her husband Carl’s help, in fact, together had brought success to the textile company Old World Weaver and worked as a interiors designers for the White House for nine presidents from Truman to Clinton.

Her house in Park Avenue is full of antiques and French-inspired decorations, chinoiserie, art and fashion books, paintings and statues of animals, especially dogs and monkeys.

In every corner is there is a Genoese chest, exquisite French chairs, antique paisley shawls, New Mexican Santos, woodwork of the 18th century, ancient tapestries, Bakelite jewelry, carpets.

Iris Apfel’s apartment in Manhattan is more than just a house, it is a mirror of his life, of his personality, full of colors and joy with her object from markets and vintage shop.