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The Top 10 Teen Idol 80'90'

Che fine hanno fatto?

The Top 10 Teen Idol 80'90' Che fine hanno fatto?


Born in 1967 born in Los Angeles , 20 years has been the preferred model by photographer Bruce Weber, but his screen debut takes place in ' 89 ' in the series Dallas , where he played James Beaumont. From here on, has had minor roles in films successful sequel , as Kickboxer 2 , Class of 1999 Part. II. Lately it has reappeared in a very bad physical shape in the sitcom JAG , NYPD Blues and ER . A troubled marriage behind him, with a mad wife who has tried several times to abuse her her children, 4 of which well today he holds the housing.



Born in Queens, New York , Jason Patric is known especially for movies Cult , The Lost Boys and Sleepers , and is the son of Jason Miller ( Father Karras in the movie " The Exorcist " ) . Her view of the beautiful and damned , sentenced him to life to bring this mask , really unpleasant . E ' was engaged to Julia Roberts from 1991 to 1993 , then with the supermodel Christy Turlington 1994 to 2000 , but his greatest love was Danielle Schreiber , with whom he has left and taken for 10 years and also had a child.


8 . James Spader

In the 80's had more success as the creepy guy who as a boy "HOT" , as in the part of " Sex, Lies and Video Tapes" (1989). His talents of the ambiguous type have relied on a large part in the cult movie STARGATE in the shoes of a scientist accompanying KURT RUSSELL in the past. He has worked steadily since then and is currently seen on TV in " Boston Legal," and I'm sorry to say, not as the first actor as it was long ago ...




His career as an actor was born just 9 years old , when he was hired for a Spot tv Cereal , from this moment on, it will not stop and appears in hundreds of American television series , but the most famous of all is that of parents in Blue Jeans ( Growing Pains ) . At that time earning 50k dollars a week and its popularity peaked when his face was broadcast on the screens of the stadium in New Orleans for the 24th Super Bowl of America. In 2000 they revived the Seavers and therefore also the little Kirk in the film of Parents in the movie Blue Jeans .





Of clear Italian origins , Richard Grieco is not among the famous of this ranking , but one of his films "pulp " is definitely An Agent Kill ( TEEN AGENT) , action movie in which he is involved in a case of mistaken identity and for much of the film at the edge of a flaming red Ferrari . E ' was also a model for Armani , Chanel and Calvin Klein, currently resides in Los Angeles is single and has a collection of all yellow cars dated 1980.






Andrew has been for years the typical " boy next door " , with its look as a teenager and unkempt, as in his cult movie " Weekend at Bernie's ." He recently revealed that he had previously had serious problems with alcoholism , which began even at the tender age of 12 , but resolved at the end of the 90s thanks to a rehabilitation program that kept him away from work. He recently directed episodes of Gossip Girl, Touch of Eva and White Collar .






Historic character of the GOONIES , " Mouth" , and throughout the decade film 80 ' 90 ' , with appearances in films such as "Friday the 13th ", " Stand by Me," " License to Drive ", " The Gremlins ," " Lost Boys " and many others . With the other Corey ( Haim ) formed the pair " The two Corey " and for many years and many magazine covers for Teens , were the idols of many girls , but unfortunately his life was not always rosy. The cute Corey , who at age 15 already earned his first million dollars, in 2005 he was called to testify against Michael Jackson , with whom he was in close contact, the time accused of pedophilia and sexual harassment, but Corey accused of being his only friend was so in the years of glory and then abandoning him inexplicably .





Corey Haim was on the crest of the wave , it was the coolest kid in Hollywood and required , as a good actor and the Teen Idol par excellence of the decade 80 ' 90 ' , with his friend Corey Feldman, did well in pairs and a 7 Movies reality show " the Two Coreys " but his own fame and wealth led him to use drugs since the age of 15 and do not stop until the day of his death , which occurred in March 2010 , from an overdose of anesthetic drugs and calming . On the day of his death his only friend Feldman said on Larry King Talkshow : - He was the enemy of himself. -



Slater was one of the most promising young hollywood overestimate of the 80 ' 90 ' , which appeared on the screens for the first time in the television series aired on ABC , the young actor native New Yorker , he took part in big budget films and great actors as " Robin Hood ," "The name of the Rose " where he was not yet 17 years of age , " interview with the Vampire " and " Broken Arrow ." But it is also known for films such as " California Skate " where he plays a young skater victim of the murder of his foster brother , and also for " True Romance " film directed by Tony Scott and written by Quentin Tarantino's latest work noteworthy the beautiful and damned Christian Slater . Christian Slater in his life he often had to deal with the justice system as well as with the camera , in 1989 arrested driving while intoxicated in 1994 for bringing on an airliner a gun in 1997 for assaulting his girlfriend and a police officer under the influence of drugs and alcohol , and the last arrest was in 2005 in Manhattan during the attempt, on the street, to the sexual harassment of a girl , all captured by surveillance cameras and made ​​public in the news across America . A real " life to the maximum" Slater !






Son of Martin Sheen, Charlie was one of the most versatile actors of the 80 ' 90 ' , screwball comedy in " HotShots I and II ", but also dramatic in " Platoon" and "Wall Street" , which saw him star opposite Michael Douglas . The actor father of 5 children and married 3 times was the highest paid actor on TV , earning the series " Two and a Half Men " less than 2 million dollars per episode ! He, too, like the rest of the other players in this ranking has had problems with drugs and alcohol and sexual harassment allegations . It is no secret to his private life and his obsession to choose as companions of life, self-styled American porn actresses like Ginger Lynn, Heather Hunter and the recent Georgia Jones.