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The dogs of the fashion industry

From Jacquemus to Chiara Ferragni, the best friends of designers and creatives

The dogs of the fashion industry From Jacquemus to Chiara Ferragni, the best friends of designers and creatives

There was a time when the greatest show off for a dog was the purchase of a lavish, while today you're not a real dog star without a dedicated Instagram page, a trend inaugurated by Chiara Ferragni and her French bulldog Matilda. An obsession that fashion designers know well, from Jacquemus, the latest to jump on this trend, to the icon par excellence of the designer + dogs union, Valentino Garavani, the faithful four-legged companion is the partner to always carry around at the office, at fashion shows, around the world, even choosing him as a testimonial for campaigns and capsule collections, as did Marc Jacobs and Alessandro Michele


Simon Porte Jacquemus

The latest addition to the Jacquemus family was unveiled on Instagram, with a series of shots that reached over 200k likes. Toutou has even his own Instagram page, and in its bio, you can read that it loves sunny days, croquettes, bones and its two daddies. The designer opted for a speckled brown dachshund with big blue eyes and super short legs. 

Valentino Garavani

The fame of Valentino's six pugs has (almost) reached that of their owner. Milton (who passed away in 2013), Monty, Maude, Margot, Maggie, and Molly, Valentino's loyal travel companions, have a dedicated service team that takes care of them, they travel only in private cars and jets, and boast their cabin on the legendary designer's yacht. As can be seen in the documentary The Last Emperor, Valentino never separates from them, so much so that he also wanted them in the poster of the film dedicated to him. "I don't care about the collection. My dogs are more important", one of Valentino's famous quotes from the documentary. 

Chiara Ferragni

Before Fedez and Leone, the true inseparable companion of selfies and trips around the world was her, Matilda Ferragni. The French bulldog has been with Chiara Ferragni since her beginnings when The Blonde Salad was still a blog, and today, with over 380k followers on Instagram, she has become the testimonial of pet products herself. Influencer marketing is in the family. 

Marc Jacobs 

He is not Marc Jacobs' only dog, but he is the undisputed star. Neville Jacobs not only has nearly 200k followers on Instagram but has also "published" his biography, entitled I'M Marc's Dog. The bull terrier has repeatedly been the protagonist of the designer's campaigns, whom he regularly accompanies during every work commitment and every exclusive holiday. 

Alessandro Michele 

To celebrate the year of the Dog, Gucci's creative director chose his two Boston Terriers, Orso and Bosco, as testimonials. On his IG profile, between selfies with Jared Leto and shots from the backstage of the Gucci fashion shows, Michele often has himself portrayed surrounded by his faithful friends, especially during the lockdown months. 

Donatella Versace

Audrey Versace, Donatella Versace's dog, is the real star of the family, but not only that, she is the purest embodiment of the brand's aesthetic. On her IG profile, where she has more than 30k followers, Audrey never misses an opportunity to wear custom garments decorated by the iconic Medusa, portrayed around the world. Donatella does not hesitate to call her her creative collaborator, in a video that portrays the dog wearing a gold necklace with pendants around the neck.